Midnight Club: Los Angeles debut trailer, screenshots

Want to see the racing game that Rockstar claims is "the first true next-gen racer?" Midnight Club: Los Angeles was announced earlier this year, but the company's San Diego studio is only now showing off the PS3 and Xbox 360 title set for 2008.

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HeartlesskizZ3957d ago

I hope it kills NFS so EA will stop making them.

Omegasyde3957d ago

but darn it to heck with having just 1 city to race in!

I pray that there's more to his game besides just L.A. as far as cities go. If they go the 1 city option, They are basically copying EA's approach, except this time with a real city.

Edit: L.A. Sux.
(No offense to people who live in the west coast arm-pit of U.S.)

MK_Red3957d ago

Good find. Midnight Club is my fave racing game after Burnout and this is Rockstar's next-gen Midnight Club!! Sick and awesome.

Omegasyde3957d ago

I think this game will smoke Burn-out. I do hope they get rid of the "glowing arrows" checkpoints though.

I look forward to both of them.

A Man3957d ago

BTW this has been posted more than 3 times lol

SwiderMan3957d ago

I don't see this posted anywhere else. But yeah, it looks as good as the "true next gen racer" hype.

BloodySinner3957d ago

The KING of street racers is finally here!

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