A history of the Amiga, part 3: The first prototype

Modern chips are designed using high-powered workstations that run very expensive chip simulation software. However, the fledgling Amiga company could not afford such luxuries. It would instead build, by hand, giant replicas of the silicon circuitry on honeycomb-like plastic sheets known as breadboards.

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Bloodmask4108d ago

was awesome back in the day. I still have mine. It was the equivalent back then of what the alienware is today. A true gaming rig. I still play it on emulation.

They came with awesome sound chips. I still remember Shadow of the Beast with about 10 layers of parallax scrolling. Truly an awesome machine for it's time.

The Wood4108d ago

i would of never thought you had an amiga. those were the f*cking days. cannon fodder, beneath a steel sky, future wars, operation stealth, flashback, jeese i could go on. my personal golden age of gaming

4108d ago
Zhuk4108d ago

The Amiga was in a word awesome. I had an Amiga 500 and I still remember playing Secret of Monkey Island and Kings Quest on it as some of the fondest gaming experiences of my life.

KeiZka4108d ago

I myself especially loved Ports of Call and Zak MacKraken (or how do you spell it). Oh, and the spy vs spy games were quite amusing as well.

4108d ago