GC: Rumbling SixAxis announcement tonight?

CVG has heard whispers from the Leipzig Games Convention show floor that Sony plans to speak about a rumble-enabled SixAxis during its press conference a 5pm (GMT) today.

It's been strongly rumoured today that the new rumbling SixAxis is near-enough ready for release, and will be compatible with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, which is out in Japan in October, suggesting shaking pads could go on sale before Christmas.

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360Sheep3984d ago

uh i thought that sony already had its conference.. isnt that where they displayed the playtv, and german singstar and the like, is there more than one conference?

TheExecutive3984d ago

yeah... this didnt happen... its a rumor that has already been debunked...

djt233984d ago

finally Rumbling is so this gen

BaMYouRDeaD3984d ago

I would hate to play MGS4, KZ2, and GT5 without rumble. I loved Resistance, but it felt like something was missing, and that was rumble. If Sony can get the new controllers out for 50 dollars, or have some replacement plan for the old ones, then I will be a VERY happy camper. =P

Rama262853984d ago

Don't get your hopes up on some sort of replacement plan... lol I personally am not missing rumble all that much, it's sometimes... distracting almost. But some games it's certainly an improvement!

fenderputty3984d ago

I've found rumble to be a distraction at times myself. However, I've also found it to be a plus in others. This goes for the motion sensing too though. I like it in resistance, motorstorm and warhawk. Having a controller that can do both would be nice. I like rumble in sports and racing games.

crunkthug3984d ago

i hope they still got somthingfor us
core gamers

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The story is too old to be commented.