Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Which Box Is The Better Media Center?

By now, anyone interested in hardcore gaming already knows the ins and outs of the Xbox360 vs Playstation debate when it comes to specs, graphics, games etc. Scitech have both machines and they like them both. They are not fanboys of either. At this point, most people agree that the Xbox has better games (for now), while the PS3 has a more forward-looking hardware design. For the majority of people either machine will do just fine for game playing or watching a DVD. However, both of these machines are capable of so much more. When you are going to fork out nearly $500.00, those extras are important.

What kind of extras are gamers talking about? Well, Microsoft and Sony have spent countless hours and millions of dollars trying to convince gamers that their consoles will be your home's multimedia hub. If that's the case, gamers really want to know which one works better.

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360Sheep4133d ago

can you take into account the fact that the 360 is always on red light alert?

Meus Renaissance4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

That's actually an interesting point. So far game-use or general random bad luck has caused the red lights, but how would the machine fair when recording e.g. HD television shows, and being left on in the main living room for hours for the family entertainment?

The Xbox 360 may be considered the lesser simply because of this default unreliability of the hardware I'm afraid.

gta_cb4133d ago

i have to completely disagree, my Xbox 360 is on for hours and hours every day, being used by me and my family. and i have had no problem with it and am really looking forward to trying to record some HD programs.

Omegasyde4133d ago

Yea i would worry alittle if I am at work and say I had to record something during the day.

Man that would bum me out find out that I got red lights instead of A hour of Jerry Springer.

I would trust the ps3 more if that ever came out(lol 2010?)
but blue-tooth for the win and as well as XBL and south park episodes.

Too bad the Wii can't play DVD movies..........

AcidRhain4133d ago

lame, no originality. come up with something else as a comeback.

reaperxciv4133d ago

nothing wrong with mine and I use it 8 to 10 hrs a day.
i you don't believe me, my gamertag is bbe94 WAM.

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hotshot12374133d ago

and a digital play tuner. and you can put your own videos up on a youtube. and it saves cancer.

gta_cb4133d ago

[email protected] is great dont get me wrong, but it has nothing to do with the article

Omegasyde4133d ago


You can't upload videos onto PSN.

LMAO nice try.

Like a shadow I am4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

stop trying to sell us or trick us into buying a goddamned "media center".

fenderputty4133d ago

I'm happy with my media capabilities.

plastixblue4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

IMO...but as far a Media I have Downloaded more off of live than I have off of PSN. But to be honest I get MS points from my wife as gifts all the time. Now my modded original Xbox with XBMC rocks them both.