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PlayStation Move controller in short supply; initial stock selling out

Sony’s PlayStation Move controller was introduced just over a week ago and it looks like initial stock is selling out. Many online retailers are backordered or sold out. Local store inventory is in low supply too, proving demand for PlayStation Move is high. (Industry, PS3)

Droid Control  +   1393d ago
move moving stock
The Wii is in real trouble. How will Nintendo respond?
Slowly i think.

With their attention on the launch of the 3DS next year, the field is wide open for M$ and SOny to steal some consumers right from under their nose.

Wii 2 announced at E3 next year? Maybe!
smoothdude  +   1393d ago
I call BS...
Considering I can go to my local target, walmart, or gamestop and pick one up, I would hardly say that it is sold out. In fact I was considering buying it on ebay because it is cheaper. Ebay is a good indicator of of supply and demand as prices will tend to be super inflated on ebay.

Also even if Nintendo stopped selling Wiis, PS3 would still have a long wait before it caught up with Wii. This generations should be over soon, and then each company will have a fair chance for the number 1 spot.
smoothdude  +   1393d ago
I know that people are going to disagree with me, but if you really wanted the move, why not get it on ebay for $90, which is what it is topping out at. I have even seen it being sold as low as $80, and this is for the bundle. My point is that the Wii was selling for $700 on ebay because it really was being sold out. I even saw a Wii sold for over $1,000.
jjacinto23  +   1393d ago
" I was considering buying it on ebay because it is cheaper"

DUDE it was $54 (unopened and new) on ebay and the Sports Champion (unopened and new) is $120............you call that cheaper? Please don't make your own Facts but we call that lies and opinions
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PopEmUp  +   1393d ago
we call that bull shit
DJMarty  +   1393d ago
'prices super inflated on ebay' ,what bull. Guess you havn't traded on ebay, ther are that many selling the same thing, prices are cut throat. Margin get cut so much, it's not worth selling some stuff.
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YoshiMeetsU  +   1393d ago
Yes, he calls the local stores around his house and comes to the conclusion it is selling out and in short supply in general.

I guess I can assume it's not selling well since I can get it at everything from K-Mart to Target and Best Buy. Not only the bundle, but the controllers, nav and charging base.
TrueStoryGuy  +   1393d ago
Just did a search on eBay
Most of the "bundles" are standalone products, and the most expensive one I've seen (with 18 bids) was at $88 and over 9 hours left.

Then, I saw an "Unopened PlayStation Move Bundle" that had over 2 days left and was already over $102. Looks like the PlayStation Move Bundle is in demand, and many consumers don't know what to look for.
Weaksauce1138  +   1393d ago
$102 is cheaper than cost in a store... With tax and all. The demand isn't that great, I see hardware all over. Well see when sports champions ranks rather low on NPD
gamingdroid  +   1393d ago
Actually, I think some good indicators are:

a) If PS Move Starter bundle starts selling out. There is too much noise in the PS Move wand sales to determine if it came from new users that owned a PS Eye camera, or if it simply are people buying seconds, thirds and fourths. Some games do require two wands to fully enjoy.

b) If prices on eBay goes higher than MSRP and DO sell to their local customers i.e. not shipping it overseas. That means people can't find it in-store and willing to pay a premium to get it on eBay.

Otherwise, all this tells is demand might have been misjudged by retailers.
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Brklynty1  +   1393d ago
becauae your local target walmart and gamestop is the only shops that sells move huh?....*facepalm*
Kurisu  +   1393d ago
I guess it depends on your location. I live in England, and I went to buy Move two days after launch. I went to both GAME stores in my town centre, and BOTH of them were completely sold out of the controllers (although they had plenty of Navigation controllers). I was forced to go to HMV, where I eventually found some. However they were starting to run low!

Note to add: Although the controllers were sold out there WERE starter bundles available.
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joydestroy  +   1393d ago
can't do that here in Charlotte, NC. everyone is out of it.
kneon  +   1393d ago

I guess you are new to ebay. You need to check the completed listings, the closing price can skyrocket in the last few seconds. The high bid hours before closing is meaningless.

I checked the completed listings and most move starter packs are selling in the $120-130 range.
chasegarcia  +   1393d ago
it is not cheaper on ebay
wanaraceu  +   1393d ago
Most game shops I have been to in Australia are sold out of move. I just picked up the last 1 in stock at my local target
Baltis   1393d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Omega4  +   1393d ago
Hopefully its past 200K by now.
Karooo  +   1393d ago
Here comes the analyst
lol i hope you are paid by microsoft, otherwise its pathetic
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TrueStoryGuy  +   1393d ago
And has already outsold more then Kinect will ever sell.
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SillySundae  +   1393d ago
I beg to differ...
I think Kinect will sell well.

MS has always been good with marketing their products.

How Good is Kinect? I dont know. A lot of negative reviews i understand, but let's wait till release see what happens.

I would be happy for both Move and Kinect to succeed.

"If you've got an awesome girlfriend, and then someone else gets an awesome girlfriend. Do you who wins? EVERYONE " - KB
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plb  +   1393d ago
Good at marketing their products? Please explain the Zune and Kin phone then? I'm not saying either are necessarily a bad product but don't think for a minute that just because it's a MS product it will succeed.
Seferoth75  +   1393d ago
@Plb, He was responding to someone who said it wouldnt sale 220k. Why are you jumping on him naming off 2 out of many products that sold well beyond 220k?
He said he wanted both to succeed, not that just because MS was marketing it that it would.
Kurisu  +   1393d ago
I'm a Move owner, and I won't be purchasing Kinect as I don't have a 360. But you know full well that Kinect is going to sell WELL over 220k! WELL over... *waits for the Microsoft marketing campaign*
awiseman  +   1393d ago
o so because its sony move it true...
but if its kinect in short supply its fake...
Simco876  +   1393d ago
of course
You have to remember your on N4G dude... Fanboys are EVERYWHERE here.
rekof  +   1393d ago
yes probably true ,..

One is a good, and precise product that actually works with all kinds of core/hardcore games and expands into casual market,..

And the other is an way overpriced laggy piece of crap,.. that does some really basic catch red ball type of games which lack of complexity is retarded proposition even for toddlers,.. and cannot even track you at 120fps like eyetoy,..
Britney Spears   1393d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
units  +   1393d ago
bubble to you my good man
Rybakov  +   1393d ago
erm my store got 5 bundles and like 5 games each one
we haven't sold one.....i got to try it and it was the wii with camera lag cute and whitty but nothinging id spend 150 for
Pennywise  +   1393d ago
Wii with camera lag? See now we know you are lying.
Rybakov  +   1393d ago
how cause i played move and there was a second lag between my swing and the swing in the games and the wii has a delay in movement as well?

your point of me lying is null sir.....if i was lying id say that a mother came in and thought we were selling sex toys
Pennywise  +   1392d ago
And your stupid dildo reference just proves you are a lying troll who doesn't even own a PS3 or move.
zealot9  +   1393d ago
Move is selling!
This article just goes to show you, Move is selling more the anything else!
Rock on Move!!!!

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ocnkng  +   1393d ago
Ahh that one again.
Here's a tip: Get Kinect and then u can pretend to play a FPS with a real dildo.
Sylmaron  +   1393d ago
I prefer waving a dildo to pointing with my fingers at the screen yelling pewpew.
zealot9  +   1392d ago
say what you want
im not a swayed either way, i simply think it looks stupid. it might play well, it might be cool, but it looks like a dildo.
Britney Spears  +   1393d ago
i went to best buy 2 days ago and they were sold out of the $99 move bundle and only had 1 ps3 move bundle[$400] left. I did not see the separate move and nav at all so not sure if it was sold out,didn't see a label for it.
3XP  +   1393d ago
That because
Sony is playing the shortage game trying to create a buzz.

It's a shame too, they should have known what the market was going to do and they should have had plenty of time to get the supply lines right.

Oh Sony!
units  +   1393d ago
i believe Nintendo did the same with the wii
FriedGoat  +   1393d ago
Sold out of controllers where i am.
plb  +   1393d ago
They were sold out of Navs for quite a while here in Staten Island. Just got some back in stock the other day.
Apollyn  +   1393d ago
All my local stores (3 of them) and ones within a 30 min drive (another 5) are sold out.
blackburn5  +   1393d ago
I could care less if it sells more than Kinect or not. The important thing is people are buying it and enjoying it. If it really has reached 220,00 by now that is pretty good for being only out for a week. I have heard good things from the people I know that own it. Sony made a solid enjoyable product and I wish them luck. At the same time I don't like some people wish Kinect to fail either. If it works and people are satisfied that is good too. Can we just all be friends for once and stop wishing and hoping that each others systems and games will crash and burn?
xinxin111   1393d ago | Spam
Ps_alm3k  +   1393d ago
Sony has to......
keep pumping out the games for the move, they have to keep this steady momentum.
divideby0  +   1393d ago
I have not heard of any critical part for the move. So I am sure they will be back in stock soon. So many developers are on board with move, so you can play REAL games, Sony will keep the supply chain flowing
Seferoth75  +   1393d ago
So the best selling game on PS3 isnt a real game? Just wanted to clear that up since COD is on Wii with Wii controls and you are trying to imply that if it is on Wii it isnt a real game.

So what you are saying is that PS3 owners are not gamers at all because they do not support games that are real?

Sad part is you wont even comprehend how ignorant your comment was

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