The ugliest Wii game yet?

The Cruis'n series of racing games has never been renowned for its quality, and going by the looks of the first screens of Cruis'n on the Wii, that trend isn't about to be broken.

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djt234136d ago

WTF they did to my game

Tabasco4136d ago

there must be an error no way thats a next generation system game. I give my condolenceses to the familys that have seen this.

Rooftrellen4136d ago

Graphics don't mean much, but it looks like early (aka terribly bad and blocky) 3D game. There's just no excuse for that, and when you've had bad games before, it doesn't inspire people to see it doesn't look like you're updating anything at all.

ChickeyCantor4136d ago

you guys are biased!
have you seen the cool shader filter on the cars?
comeone it looks sooo realistic! !!!!!!!!!!!!

we all know no-one would buy gfx wouldnt matter at all

ViciousIX4136d ago

That seriously looks like a PS1 game. The backgrounds are sooooo bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.