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Submitted by pspgweber 1957d ago | opinion piece

Most Wanted Features On the PSP2

Sony at least should think about the following features on the new PSP2 console. These guessing features below are coming from our members.

What do you think of these features? Any other feature that we have missed out? Share it. (PS Vita, PSP)

golsilva  +   1957d ago
i thought sony supports a alternative to amoled so wouldnt they put their own version is this right or i am completely wrong?
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sinncross  +   1957d ago
The following features that site rumours would be awesome:
-Dual Analog sticks
-PS2 PSN title support
-Good battery life, we mean like 8-10 hours or plus not 3-4.
-Wireless G or Wireless N
-Backwards PSP1 support.
-Amoled or Wide/Larger screen.
-UMD drive or Mini Blu Ray / UMD combo drive

I think the PSP2 may need to support 3D but touch screen is something I think they should leave out. It'll just add to the cost of the unit.

Also the analog nubs should be like those found on the new Monster Hunter 3 PSP: looks like it has better grip.
LoVeRSaMa  +   1957d ago
It would need an App store list Apple have for the PSP and 3G connectivity if its to compete with the iPhone as a truely portable device but geared for gaming.
Substance101  +   1957d ago
Backward compatibility is on the top of my list. I don't want the situation of PS2 - PS3 where we have to wait and pay for remakes.
kneon  +   1957d ago
I seem to be one of the few that really doesn't want any sort of optical drive. That's just so archaic on a portable device. It will make it bigger, heavier and will decrease battery life.

I would have bought the PSP Go except for the lack of dual analog sticks. I actually had it pre-ordered and then canceled, I figured it was an interim product and the PSP2 wouldn't be too long in coming.
Archdemon  +   1957d ago
F*** Wireless G/N
Bring on a buildt in 4G modem with free internet access.
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longcat  +   1957d ago

Yep - needs constant internet access
this can even reduce the price of the unit if offered by different carriers
wicko  +   1957d ago
Optical drive wouldn't reduce battery life if we could do a game install. Would only need the optical drive for verification at that point.
bakasora  +   1957d ago
It just need more damn good games.
And a 2nd god damn analog stick.
Dragun619  +   1957d ago
I think to really step it up for a portable gaming device and match the innovation coming from the competition such as the 3DS and iPad, Sony should add 4g support to PSP 2 especially if Sony will combine the PSP2 with the Sony Ericsson to deliver a Mobile Gaming phone. I think then it would be possible for a Portable MMO Monster Hunter on the PSP2. What do you think?
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silvacrest  +   1957d ago
your thinking of super LCD
dizzleK   1957d ago | Trolling | show
JustSomeLogic  +   1957d ago
BC is only for 1st 3yrs
4th year is all about Psp 1 re-releases in HD
dosgrtr  +   1957d ago
with a fall 2011 release and costing between 250 and 300 dollars
hopefully psp2 has these features:

obviously,use of physical media
10-12 hour battery life
backwards compatible with psp games
FAR BETTER security features(no cfw etc.)
2 Analog sticks
ps3 like graphics
much higher screen resolution than the psp
similar screen size to psp 3000
higher quality screen,faceplate(no stuck pixels,scan lines etc.)
HDMI output
better online features(trophies,friends list etc.)
better wifi
better web browser
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Ps_alm3k  +   1957d ago
if sony pump out gran turismo, final fantasy, and Metal gear on first day, then sales will skyrocket regardless of price.
Don't launch it like ps3 with no name games in first week. Heavy hitters will guarantee a selling point. Also sign deals with phone company. Money is not an issue, content is......
IrishYamato  +   1957d ago
I think that the back touch panels that we heard about before may be touch based L2/R2. It's the only way full controls can be added without making the PSP2 bulky IMO.
PirosThe4th  +   1957d ago
yeah they will be great as triggers... I guess.. hopefully doesn't feel that much awkward to use
silvacrest  +   1957d ago
the back touch panels are a made up rumour by a certain website who wanted to see if their "rumour" would be picked up by gaming sites/blogs etc and they were right, even now people still think it's a genuine rumour
IrishYamato  +   1957d ago
I didnt know that one was made up. With all the different rumours going around, you dont really know what to believe. Maybe they're all true. Maybe they're all fake. Who knows?.
vsr  +   1957d ago
L2,R2, right analog
These give the unique playstation control system & easy to remember the controls
mijkjk   1957d ago | Spam
oguzsasi  +   1957d ago
My list is what the PS3 dont have list!
Custom soundtracks,
Cross game chat,
Voice messaging,
Ingame pic/vid capture feature...

I dont wanna see another Sony console witch has this features inside allready but " Its up to devs! " thing again! I wanna use them thats all. I dont want my fate in developers hands to use this features if i allready got in my hand!
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oguzsasi  +   1957d ago
I dont know why,
I got disagrees everytime i do this list!

Dont you write on blogs, forums, boards? Dont you want to add those sites youre awesome gaming moment? How to do things tutorials? Dont you want to upload them to youtube? Dont you have friends to show them what you did?

Whats the matter? Capture feature is a must have.

Dont you wanna talk in your messages instead of writing? Voice message is a must have too!

Cross game chat would be awesome! And dont you wanna listen your own songs while driving in GTA4? GT5? And in every game? Custom soundtracks would be nice too!

What kind of gamers are you!
DrillaKid  +   1957d ago
The most important for me are two analogue sticks, four shoulder buttons and awesome launch titles like MGS, Gran Turismo, GTA, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Killzone etc. With a good launch price Sony could get this right even though everyone is righting off their chances against the 3ds.
tubers  +   1957d ago
I'd easily pay up 350 USD if..
If it has a 2nd analog nub, even if it will only have 25% more performance in graphics and an AMAZING web browser with native flash support! 350.. USD.. easily.
jhani  +   1957d ago
i want a second analog stick behind the console. That would be cool.
Malice-Flare  +   1957d ago
for me...
- OLED touch widescreen display (perhaps same size as original PSP)
- 2 analog nubs
- 6 face buttons (circle, square, X , triangle, R1, L1)
- 2 shoulder buttons (R2, L2)
- Memory Stick Pro Duo game cartridges (Up to 4GB)
- Internal 16GB Flash memory for PSN downloads/Android Apps (not user accessible)
- Memory Stick M2 support for USER-ONLY storage
- Replaceable Battery WITHOUT service mode support.
- WiFi-G with TKIP/WPA2 security (infrastructure and adhoc mode)
- Bluetooth 3.0
- HDTV out
- Google Chrome Browser
- Google Voice
- Improved Media Interface
- 3.5mm headphone jack
- USB 3.0 interface with micro-USB connector.
- 1.2MP Camera, .3MP user-facing camera
- tilt/accelerometers
- Google Android support (not OS).
- Dualshock support

Games at launch
- a Resident Evil game
- a Final Fantasy
- a Naughty Dog game
- a Wipeout game
- a Patapon game
- a Samurai Warriors game
- a Disgaea game

- 3D support
- 3D cameras
- Clamshell/Slider form factor
- 3G SIM support

all-in-all this could cost more than $300. so it's nice to want things...
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supremacy  +   1957d ago
Ill say...
Make different units based on HDD space. Like 16gb, 40gb and 60gb rditions with external expansions like a memory card ot something.

Touchscreen is a must simply due to the fact you want a touch interface for typing and all that good stuff while the physical buttons remain under.

To make a touchscreen slide handheld device with of course the best of both worlds.

Also this will make it possible to intergrate two nubs instead of the current standard one. Was thinking make actually an analog stick, kinda like the one found on the srga dreamcast only smaller and sinked in to the device with an engrave ring around in to give it that whole 3D feel, whike the 2nd can remain a slide nub like the current one.

Because really all you need is one to actually feel like an actual analog stick for looking around in a 3D ebviroment while the other could be use to move around.

What else, oh yeah it has to be powerful enough to run the actual psn and not some dumb down version.

Would like to be able to communicate (you know cross communication) with my ps3 buddies via masseges and what not, also trophie support that would also eventually be added to my overall trophy count.

4 inch screen I mean why not, psps forte has always been its screen.

If its to have phone features, sony should just again let the touchscreen aspect of the device deal with the dialing ect.

Also they would have to figure out how they release it open for many carriers to have, this will clear the minds of manys concerns with certain carriers.

it needs a camera, would prefer 2, but one would do. Make sure its atleast 5.1 mega pixel. I mean most smartphones feature this, if it has android than it better feature the market and with that a solid Gps as well.

Enough ram for high performance, such ad multitasking capabilities. Like listening to your favorite tunes while playing games, voice chat while running a different application ect.

A solid browser, but again these are things google could take care off for you if indeed the device is a phone an adroid phone at that.

Powerful enough to run HD versions of ps2 games, as well as dreamcast games.

Backwards compatible, some way some how but it has to be.
Even if it means trading in my physical purchases for digital copies in order to play them on my new psp2 handheld.

3D if it doesnt support it day one, than make device powerful enough to support future updates with this much significance.

A killer launch line up, 3 from first parties, the rest from 3rd parties, 20 games of which atleast 15 have to be exclusive to the platform.

Advertise this bad boy, why not.

Make it sleek, elegant yet something alien like. Like something out of this world.

4g and wireless N

HDMI out

And thats it for now..
IrishYamato  +   1957d ago
That's a long comment, supremacy. I'm sorry but i couldnt read it all- it was too long. I gave up reading at the part where you mentioned HDMI out.
supremacy  +   1957d ago
Its okay
I like writing so..sometimes I tend to go over the top.

But on topic I just felt these features will do sony wonders, also make the device expensive I am sure.

So its never a win win situation.
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Eamon  +   1957d ago
He was being positively sarcastic. Look, your "HDMI out" is like the last comment.

Meaning, he read everything =)
Eamon  +   1957d ago
All of these features will make the PSP2 way too expensive. >_<
xiaoer   1957d ago | Spam
Spinal  +   1957d ago
Just bring a PSP Phone. Simple. The sony ericsson mobiles haven't been great for a long while. In chance they can kill two birds with one stone. Its clear sony want to compete with the iPhone due to those ads.

I'm an iPhone 4 user but would happily trade in my phone for a PSP Phone. Playin god of war/monster hunter on the go is simply awesome.
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Denethor_II  +   1957d ago
Don't sigh to much, you might deflate.
soren  +   1957d ago
LOL they gave u a disagree
XD dor a comment u cant rly disagree on
zenghangyu7   1957d ago | Spam
divideby0  +   1957d ago
not more than 200 bucks..... doubt it, but that is the most I will spend
Denethor_II  +   1957d ago
Two analogues and R2, L2" buttons.
Ares84PS3  +   1957d ago
And at least be 10x more powerful as the original PSP. Larger screen and larger space to save games, pictures, music etc.
sonic989  +   1957d ago
who cares about other handhelds
the real next gen handheld is the PSP ( android or 2 or whatever )
i expect at least 4 to 7 times the power of the original PSP ( which is already very powerful system )
qewqwvrterqw   1957d ago | Spam
Dno  +   1957d ago
ima get the 3DS and psp2 day one
But the psp2 better be 3D or have trophies tha add to my PSN trophies or why would anyone by games on psp2 when the 3Ds is 3D? unless of course they are first party.

This is coming from a die hard sony fan also. Just the 3DS is soooo cool!!!! i know once i see the psp2 tho ill love it as well just with all the 3DS news im in hype mode!!!
soren  +   1957d ago
prob wont buy but
ummm good games and wifi that is useless not all these games that r ment to be online and cant go online so yeah online games. umm yep that it and better games
TheHardware  +   1957d ago
you know what I want?
Some of you guys to be realistic, lmao...some of you are wayyy in the 5-600 dollar area
bagninja  +   1957d ago
trophies would be nice and dual analogs! :-)
hot4play  +   1956d ago
Maybe the recently announced Tekken Tag 2 will be a launch title??
(drools...) :p

Or Ready at Dawn developing an Uncharted spin-off would be awesome too!

And then imagine PS2 games available from PSN at launch!
FFX, GTA3, MGS2/3, DMC, Onimusha ready for download...(portable heaven!)

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