IGN: GC 2007: Borderlands first look - More guns than one could ever imagine

There are over a half of a million different guns in Borderlands. That seemed to be the main selling point in this first public showing of Gearbox Software's next original IP. Of course, guns aren't the only thing Borderlands has to offer. It's also a four player, co-operative sci-fi shooter with a hefty dose of RPG elements and a bit of Diablo inspiration thrown in for good measure. It also has over 500,000 guns.

Gearbox has been working on Borderlands for roughly 20 months, but the team still has another 15-18 months to go before we'll see the game on store shelves. As such, the early build only showcased a few select areas, story segments, and guided gameplay. The demo was only about a half of an hour long, but it gave a great impression of the direction the team is taking with the game.

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SmokeyMcBear4080d ago

oh man that headline is missing some words. "that one could ever imagine" might have been better. But I digress, no wonder this game needs to have a hard drive, sheesh 500,000 guns.. thats just guns. It would have been funny to "insert disc 3" to use the rocket launcher. Seems like a good game, lucky 360 premium owners.

TnS4080d ago

My bad, I trusted in IGN's English knowledge... :)

RedSoakedSponge4080d ago

wat the hell?!!?! IM SOLD!!!! lol GUNSS!! MOAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!


ALIEN4080d ago

Can't wait to find out more about this game.


i thought this was announced for just ps3 yesterday, well whatever

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