Messiah Entertainment, Inc. announces Darklite products for use with PlayStation®3

Redlands, California, USA – August 22nd, 2007 – Messiah Entertainment, Inc. announces the Darklite product line today having developed two new specialty products for use with PlayStation®3. Darklite technology integrates lighting within a product to add functionality and create ambience in a dark living room. The two new products announced today represent a leap forward into next-gen accessories for Messiah Entertainment, which had previously focused exclusively on classic gaming since the company's beginning in 2004.

Darklite DVD Remote is an ion-lithium powered DVD/Blu-Ray media remote for the PS3 featuring bright backlit buttons for visibility in the dark. The ultra-thin remote opens and closes much like a sliding cell phone and includes a Charging Station. The remote's jet black appearance with high-gloss parts and a chrome trim mimic the look of the PS3. A smooth Control Ring and Center Button on the top of the remote allow the user to select primary DVD/Blu-Ray functions and make menu selections. With the remote slid open, advanced secondary buttons can be pressed to access the option screen, display screen, chapter skip, and more.

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heavymetal3k3981d ago

If it was bluetooth i would buy it, but you have to plug in a receiver. :(

Siesser3981d ago

yeah, that kind of put me off at first, but it doubles as a charging station. That's acceptable enough in my yes. I still think it was a huge mistake not putting any USB port on the back though. I would say that I can't tolerate anything sticking permantenly out of the front of it, but I have two flash drives that just sit plugged in at all times anyways, so I'd be lying. But continuing with the theme of wireless, but never needing batteries? I won't knock them too hard for that.

AliC3981d ago

Why would I buy a remote that need me to plug something into the USB port. Only thing I'd plug into the port is a storage device.

Looks nice however.

joevfx3981d ago

yeah i dont know why these companies keep making usb powered remotes, just liek that sweet mouse/controler combo from splitfish. i really like the design though. im waiting for logitech to hopefully come out with one, like they did for the 360 that has the mini LCD screen on it.

Siesser3981d ago

You can view the manual online. I'm really tempted to get this thing, given how nice it looks and all, but am slightly "meh" about infrared tech and its line-of-sight requirements. Definitely have to think about it, or see if something is available from someone else. Then again, the only other wireless option is using Blue-tooth, and who wants to have to register the device every time. Synching a controller just takes the press of a button, but other devices (or at lest mics) require you going into menus and finding and registering devices each time. This may be the better option in that regard.

Koneesha3979d ago

it only matters which mic you have if it is version 1.5 or something then you have to do that but if its like 2.0 you dont