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Kotaku : Should you buy a PlayStation 3?

The PlayStation 3 got off to a slow start when the console first launched in 2006. Since then, it has picked up some serious steam and has come into its own. Is now a good time to take the plunge? [UPDATED for the fall season of video games.] (PS3)

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Baltis  +   1584d ago
Counter question -- Should we even go to this worthless site to find out?
Joule  +   1584d ago
This is a rhetorical question?
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rroded  +   1584d ago
kotaku still sucks
n as biased as ever
check out this quote for lolz

"But What If I've Already Got A Xbox 360? Should I Buy One Now?

No. Well, unless you have money to burn, that is. One high-end system is probably enough, and more and more games are released on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. To decide between the PS3 and the Xbox 360, it's best to decide on the console exclusives. If you feel that you must have titles like God of War III or Metal Gear Solid 4, then the PS3 is the console for you"

lol should b keep to your 360 if all you wanna play is halo fable n gears if you want variety and the best exclusive its only on the ps3.
chrisnick  +   1584d ago
lmao at the person who posted: "no I already have a wii".

and to the guy who responded:" Should you buy a car?
No I already have Roller blades"...you are my hero.
SaberEdge  +   1584d ago
Of course you should. There are way too many great games on the PS3 to be without it.
Lifendz  +   1583d ago
Yeah, I read the 360 version of this article when I was contemplating getting a 360 just to get a list of older games I could get at a bargain.

This article is about as objective as Kotaku gets. Unfortunately, when you juxtapose this with the Move launch article, the GT5 slowdown articles, etc, it probably leads to most people thinking this isn't the most credible site for this sort of stuff.
rockleex  +   1583d ago
If you want exclusives that run 720p or higher
Then yes.
Imperator  +   1584d ago
If you call yourself a gamer then yea, you should own one. PS3 is the only place you'll find the GOTYs for 2008 and 2009 along with a very large variety of genre-pushing titles. Without a 360 you miss out on Halo and Gears. Without a PS3 you miss out on everything.
danielle007  +   1584d ago

I bought a PS3 for the exclusives, and I don't regret it. But you, sir, are definitely overstating it. The 360 has variety, too, you just have to look for it.
karl  +   1584d ago
i dont know why u said that...

there is no variety on that console whatsoever.

and if u actually find it it comes from third party studios... and guess what.. those make ps3 games aswell

oh wait.. 360 exclusives also come from third party studios.. and end up on ps3 eventually aswell...

just accept it people.... the only excuse for buying a 360 is being a fanboy...
fear88  +   1584d ago
Should we be asking this question again?
Kotaku - Trolling the internet and beating non-living horses since 2004.
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1584d ago
Kotaku:should you buy food?
ozps3  +   1584d ago
Microsoft's marketing department kotaku, in full swing just in time for the holiday season.
xAlmostPro  +   1584d ago
i was actually going to give 'props' to kotaku(for the fist time ever)until i got the part which states..

"PS3s support Bluetooth and USB headsets, but the lack of a packed-in headset with new systems has diminished the likelihood that people with whom you play an online game even have a headset plugged in."

Are people still making this comment? ok yeah there wasnt many mics for awhile, but now almost every game i join has people with mics like 95% of the time.. and games like COD, during the sort of hardcore player gametypes such as search & destroy/headquarters/dominatio n etc have pretty much a full lobby of mics most games. its quite annoying that people still use and say this.. even worse so-called 'respectable' websites lol

its like because the ps3 has made such good progress and proving itself over and over against all the BS claims and stuff, they just resort to things like "well ps3 has no headsets" "psn is laggy" "ps3 multiplats are terrible" lol

dont get me wrong i play pc/ps3/360.. but the ps3 for some reason does get alot of 'hate' when i see it as the best CONSOLE on the market :/
MsmackyM  +   1584d ago
I like the fact that headsets aren't included
The last thing I want to do is turn on my PS3, and hear some fat sweaty kid talk about how his online gaming prowess, equates to his sexual conquests.
TK421  +   1584d ago
The article should be about whether you should bother to buy a 360.
Scotland-The-Brave  +   1584d ago
There is an article from kotaku about that . http://n4g.com/news/615676/...
Its on the main page.
tacosRcool  +   1583d ago
Everybody who owns a HDTV should.
vhero  +   1583d ago
@Baltis - I agree I am not gonna bother they are the biggest 360 fanboy site around..
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aceitman  +   1584d ago
he is wrong about MotorStorm Apocalypse
that was never comfirmed as a fall 2010 launch it was always spring 2011
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1584d ago
''What Are The Best Games On The PS3? ANSWER UPDATED''

Even with an updated answer, the author ignore other best Games for PS3, let me add some:

Demon's Souls
ModNation Racers
Heavy Rain
R&C Games
Sport Champions
And a lot more biggest games.

Also the author should add Gran Turismo 5 also, this game define the PlayStation Franchise.
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callahan09  +   1584d ago
He didn't mention Demon's Souls? For shame! The others are all great games as well (except ModNation Racers... it was good, but not great. Not enough freedom to allow users to give their levels a truly unique visual style. Every level, despite having unique features, course lines, etc., still LOOKED too similar to the others in terms of visual presentation. And the load times were pretty long. I liked the game, but didn't love it).
being_in_itself  +   1584d ago
He did mention Demons Souls (as mentioned below by jerethdagryphon). I'd also add, and I'll get some shit for a title, the following:

-Heavenly Sword - sick game, wish trophy support would come and a sequel.
-MLB The Shows - how do you omit the BEST baseball franchise out there, hell, the only baseball franchise out there imo.
-Ninja Gaiden Sigmas
-Resistances - how in the hell did they omit these????
-HD Remakes such as GOW series and next year SOTC
-Lair W/ THE CONTROLLER DL - this will be where I get shat upon. I personally couldn't play Lair at first. I bought it early b/c Factor 5's Rogue Squadron games on Gamecube were sick. I just never touched it after a few tries but then the DL came. After that, loved the game.

Non-Exclusives (they, after all, listed some):

-If they list Oblivion for Xbox, which they did, list it for PS3 as its a far better version and includes DLC (I unfortunately don't have it, I did EVERYTHING and had all DLCs for the Xbox version but lately have seriously contemplated buying the PS3 version as well b/c it may just be my fave game this generation).
-Soon to be ME2
theEx1Le  +   1584d ago
I do believe that there is a huge chunk of dlc missing on the ps3 version, perhaps thats why they listed it for xbox
Beahmscream  +   1583d ago
Sport Champions really? How about MAG!
jerethdagryphon  +   1584d ago
they list a few heavy hitters not a ocmplete collection demons souls is mentioned

once gt5 is released and reviewed if 'worthy' it will be added

surprising there answer is most likly

unless you have a 360
Blaster_Master  +   1584d ago
If you want a console that does more than shooters, get a ps3.
Hank Hill  +   1584d ago
You haven't gamed if you haven't experienced the PS3 exclusives. They truly are in a league of their own. Notice how every dev is trying to get their game on par with Uncharted 2, because Uncharted 2 is the pinnacle of games.
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rroded  +   1584d ago
they all say u2 lvl graphics
n they all fall short lol

enslave castlevania etc etc starting to think no multiplat will ever touch it.
smoothdude  +   1584d ago
GOW3, I think, surpassed Uncharted 2. Both great games!!
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McLuvn  +   1584d ago
spring time's comin, more exclusives on the way.
Kaneda  +   1584d ago
"Yes, but be advised that the holiday line-up of exclusive games is weak for the PS3".. that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard!
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shysun  +   1584d ago
True because if you're just buying one now the back catalog is enough to last until next year! *insert list here*
Bellcross  +   1584d ago
Should we give a s**t about Kotaku?
skeletonss  +   1584d ago
everyone should own
as many systems as their budget allows them.
jarrod1981  +   1584d ago
true. own both and can say that both are great systems. ps3 might have better graphics on a few of their exclusives but the 360 is a great system and their exclusives are amazing even if people claim the graphics arent as good. doesnt matter to me because a game doesnt have to look the best to be great.
Mr Tretton  +   1584d ago
Well put. Though I must say, I can afford a Wii, I just don't care to have one.

When Nintendo puts out an HD console (with no BS attached to it) then I'll be interested.
SlxTeN  +   1584d ago
I will get Move to experiment with it a bit and see what happens.
unrealgamer58   1584d ago | Off topic | show
BillOreilly  +   1584d ago
if you like it duh! one hd console either one is fine but there are many great exclusives for each that are worth buying for
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Alcohog  +   1584d ago
If you don't have a PS3 by now, you're missing out on some of the greatest games of this generation. IMO the standout PS3 exclusive titles define this generation.
Mr Tretton  +   1584d ago
This is no longer a question to even ask.

The question is, why don't you have a PS3?
pimpmaster  +   1584d ago
i think the question you should really ask is should we buy a second console wether it be ps3 or 360. thats a way more usefull question many of us ask. for me the answer is no.
jneul  +   1584d ago
lol no kotaku we ask you why do you pretend your team owns a ps3 and post made up reviews... lolz would explain why most of their reviews are not very well informed except about the content in the game which they could easily research.
anyway we all know kotaku loves MS....
PS3 is the one of the best consoles I have ever owned and I have owned alot of consoles in my life varying from a C64. PS1, PS2, N64, GameCube, X360, Wii, I sold my x360 and will sell my wii soon.
spartan_dx  +   1584d ago
Hidden costs....
money for a second controller... stupidest thing ive ever read.
being_in_itself  +   1584d ago
Yes - Demon's Souls. Enough said.

If thrown into the ninth circle of hell and that crazy devil from the tenacious D episodes jumped out and said I may play but only 1 game for the rest of my life and that game must be from this gen, I'd be deciding b/w Souls and Oblivion......both on PS3 and the better version of Oblivion graces the PS3.
danielle007  +   1584d ago
I have both.
and I don't regret it. PS3 has good exclusives, but I use it primarily for single player games. I don't use the online much, but then I have my xbox 360 for that. I'm not knocking PSN, or anything. Just, I already paid for XBL, I'm not going to let it go to waste.

But, anyways, they're both good systems. They both have fun exclusives. They both have extras that come with the system.

Get both. :)
Sitris  +   1584d ago
shysun  +   1584d ago
Same here.
XactGamer  +   1584d ago
You are what being a gamer is all about but your missing the PC and Wii unless you already have those too.

I find that it's ok the nic pic about each system if you own those systems. If you don't own those systmes and you bitch an moan about other systems you're being a fanboy or troll.

Nothing is perfect even my fav the PC has it's issues but I own a gaming PC so it's ok. It's kinda like voting, I feel the only people who have the right to complain are the people who actualy vote.
danielle007  +   1584d ago
I have a gaming PC,
and my mother let me borrow her Wii to take to college. I have everything, literally, except the handhelds.
XactGamer  +   1584d ago
I have a DS but no PSP, my PS3 is a 60gb, elite 360 and a black Wii. My PC is custom built by me.
danielle007  +   1583d ago
My PC was custom built too.
....Bitch. I never buy crapboxes from the store.

And the Halo System.

Win. :)
helrazor343  +   1584d ago
Effin' yes!!
Although that is a choice each individual needs to answer for themselves, but for my 2 cents, hellz yeah. All the other platforms are well and good, I enjoy them, but PS3, I guess I just enjoy a little more (at least until the 3DS comes out, maybe).
evolution54  +   1584d ago
LMAO...This is such a pathetic attempt. We are almost 4 years into the Playstation 3's life span and they come up with this article? No doubt, I'm sure they had written similar articles in the past but come on. 4 freaking years in........

I don't even care if the article ultimately says that YES, you should buy a PS3. The article alone is enough to call these bunch of morons running the site out as a pathetic attempt to gain hits.
EVO-OM3GA  +   1584d ago
But them posting up a similar article relating to the xbox or wii is perfectly justifiable lol

I'm glad this was approved cause all you fanboys and trolls came out in full swing to defend with the same things you say everyday on this site

On topic
I got a ps3 but I would of personally much rather waited for versus cause I don't play it much these days.
dizzleK   1584d ago | Offensive
N2G   1584d ago | Trolling | show
SpitFireAce85  +   1584d ago
Kotaku LMFAO... go back to trashing PS3 exclusives thats
what your best at.I think everyone knows if you have 299+
tax and want to buy a console PS3 is the obvious choice..
LiquifiedArt  +   1583d ago
Games alone...
You just can't compete with sony.

Now if you want to pay to play online and get some neat little unified operating system features, then go for the xbox. I still don't see the party system as a "MUST HAVE, MUST PAY" kind of thing. The Ps3 has evolved far too far for something so minute.
perfectCarbonara  +   1584d ago
Name one gaming system that plays both Mass Effect 2 and Uncharted 2.

There's your answer.
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