13 New Assassin's Creed Screenshots from Leipzig

All new screenshots from the GC convention in Leipzig.

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beavis4play4109d ago

i was really stoked for this when it was first announced. but since then, it just keeps going downhill. no buy for me

ParaDise_LosT4109d ago

awesome, unlike some mindless people
the E3 beta didn't turn me off...

ALIEN4109d ago

This game is one of my favorite.

djt234109d ago

awesome and it look really good

Figboy4109d ago

how one little hiccup, and the media's ensuing blowing it out of proportion, and the game suddenly looses *MASSIVE support.

i remember when *ANY Assassin's Creed story would get massive posts here on N4G. you guys are so damn fickle.

*THAT'S my problem with trade shows like E3. developers and publishers are forced to make a decision that could, ultimately, hurt the game.

Assassin's Creed is being made by Ubisoft Montreal, who are no slouch to making quality games of this genre (Exhibit A: The Prince of Persia Trilogy). that alone should, at the least, keep the game on your radar until an *ACTUAL REVIEW(S) are available.

if Ubisoft had maybe just stuck with a trailer, i'm sure hype would still be white hot.

but because they were practically forced (by the pressure of people's expectations of what a trade show is), they previewed buggy, incomplete code, then the media and gamers alike blow a gasket when the buggy, incomplete code, *GASP*, acts buggy and incomplete.

i love to here and see cool games at these shows too, but if a developer that is known for making quality games can suddenly be turned on from one little glitch, well, i have to question the way these shows are designed.

i don't want to be lied to, sure (ie, the EA Madden CG trailer before the 360 and PS3 was announced), but i can forgive a bug here or there. it didn't seem gamebreaking in the least, to be honest.

this is one of those examples of the media using their power of influence to simply *DESTROY a game's credibility, on the littlest mishap.

also, there were more positive than negative previews about the game itself (controls, visuals), and even the negative ones are laced with positivity, and i've read some where they say the controls are complex, but after some minutes with them, it becomes second-nature.

in this shooter/multi-player/online obsessed industry, it's nice to see a game such as this (and a few others) offering a breath of fresh air.

even if this game doesn't deliver 100% on all of it's promises, it's certainly going to be better than, say, an Activision, EA, or Eidos game.

some people's expectations are just *TOO high this generation.

"this is too long,"
"this is too short,"
"that one texture on the leaf was bad,"
"this game has no multiplayer,"
"blah blah blah, whine whine whine."

i challenge each of you spoiled little midgets to play *NOTHING but NES titles for 5 years. i bet you'll appreciate some of these new offerings within a day.

(by the way, this commentary wasn't directed at anyone in this post, as you all are just as pumped about this game as i am. i just wanted to rant).

anyway, i'm still picking this game up day one (if i have the money too; too many games hitting *BEFORE it comes out).

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