Warhawk Lands a 4/5 From Yahoo! Games

It's difficult to be at all negative about this game, because Warhawk is just so much fun and hugely playable. The only criticism that can be leveled at it is that there is absolutely no single-player option whatsoever so, obviously, leave this well alone if you have no broadband connection. Otherwise this is highly recommended whether you go for the game with bonus extras on Blu-ray disc, or else download the cheaper version from the PlayStation Store.

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xaphanze3649d ago

there u have it people,the only negative thing said about the game was that it has no single player.other than that its great

Ri0tSquad3649d ago

knew that bastard wrote a biased review !

stunt2133649d ago

4/5 = 8/10 wow thats a lot better review than PSM because it was reviewed by an xbot. i can just hear the xbots coming now and this is what they're going to say "yeah well, bioshock is better and halo 3 for life."

heroman7113649d ago

@ dude above me

i actually like gears better than halo 2, but halo 3 is a completely different thing, but yes its true warhawk dont suck psm just fukced up

ParaDise_LosT3649d ago

yeah well bioshock is better.

lolz ^_^...
gratz on the high score warhawk

BubblesDAVERAGE3649d ago

What kinda FPs has not multiplayer....

ParaDise_LosT3649d ago small negative and you people go berserk...

PlayStation3603649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

They came at you like wolves. lol

Edit: Below Me-
vvv I know, right? A brother gamer can't even tell a little joke without getting mauled. lol

-_-_-_-_-_-_-3649d ago

I'm a PS3fanboy and I got your joke.

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lil bush3649d ago

sweet, cant wait to pick it up in just

SIX MORE DAYS............

still to long