Press Release: Nintendo Wii is market leader in home console business

Wii Has overtaken Xbox 360 in World Market Sales

World Wide Sales Numbers
Wii 10.57M
Xbox360 10.51M
PS3 4.32M

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Xbox 360 Will3804d ago

and the PS3 is soon to follow!

Fisher3393804d ago

I remember playing NES With the Running pad. Or Zelda on N64.

heroman7113804d ago

i remember playing on my snes with mega man X. i finally beat that game it last summer and im like 14 and i played my snes when i was 5

Rooftrellen3804d ago

That was a fairly big jump, it seems. Good for Nintendo.

They really deserve it with the big risk they've taken. The only question is how long ago would this have happened if there weren't Wii shortages.

BrotherNick3803d ago

I wonder if they were done on purpose to add more hype.

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The story is too old to be commented.