Could Enslaved: Odyssey to the West be game of the year?

Guardian: Enslaved is a single player action/platform game, a genre seemingly lost in the modern gaming world of multiplayer and user generation. So you can expect plenty of leaping and jumping as well as some staff-based combat against the numerous enemy mechs. Controlling the aptly named Monkey your aim is to help your fellow slave, but now female captor, Trip return home. Any thoughts of solo adventure are thwarted by a security headband that Trip uses to control Monkey. The upshot? If she dies, he dies. The tension caused by this dynamic creates a bubbling narrative that will keep you going even in the game's trickier moments.

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The-Tentacle2972d ago

Maybe if Ninja theory had stayed PS3 exclusive and stopped making excuses why their games aren't selling.

Dramscus2972d ago

I think the gameplay in the demo was too easy. If it's a bit more difficult in the real game it could actually be decent.
As it was it was so easy it was boring. To do the jumping parts you could basically hold it in any direction and go where your neede.
Also the guys were pathetically simple to destroy. They weren't even a danger.

MrMccormo2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Wow, the hype for this game is being blown WAY out of proportion. This game is a 8/10 tops. It is far too flawed to be GotY.

Honestly, is Enslaved better than ME2? God of War 3? What about Heavy Rain or Alan Wake? What about GT5? Super Mario Galaxy 2? Red Dead Redemption? There are more, but I'm forgetting them.

Is Enslaved better than any of those games? No way.

SilentNegotiator2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Typical "flashing ledges" platforming, typical combat, bad audio, average graphics...
...GOTY? Not even close.

"the platforming was refreshing"
I hope that you're kidding. The game did all the thinking for you, lighting up platforms like a Christmas tree. Nothing refreshing there.

Game-ur2972d ago

In the demo, very often I was pointing in the wrong direction yet Monkey makes the correct jump. Its more like FF13 "platforming".

And the combat was more like using the wrench from Ratchet & Clank than a true hake and slash.

I would just call this an adventure game and skip the "action" part.

Keith Olbermann2972d ago

Have you played through Enslaved? No way.

badz1492972d ago

although there were some gorgeous visuals in the game but overall, it's kinda meh! GoTY is too far fetch but if the full game is any good, it might be a contender but a winner? sorry can't see that happening!

ReservoirDog3162972d ago

Yeah I'm pretty sure it'll get harder as the game goes on seeing as you were playing the first level.

I'm buying it. Day 1? Probably not (just bought Dead Rising 2) but I will buy it very soon.

fear882972d ago

In a shiny coat of paint. The fact is that I felt I was playing not a game, but a blatant ripoff of Jak and Daxter.

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Apotheosize2972d ago

I doubt that could have helped Enslaved

number472972d ago

It has way too few guns/action to tempt the cod fanbase over. The game seems ok, but there are too many polished GOTY candidates multiplat/exclusive out there.

FanboysWillHateMe2972d ago

I just played the demo and thought it was a blast! The animations were nice, and the platforming was refreshing, especially when you were jumping on different parts of the airplane from the outside.

As soon as I finished the demo I got on my gamefly account and added it to my list. I'm excited for this one now.

Maybe the guys were pathetically simple to destroy because you were at the beginning of the game?

MisterNiwa2972d ago

LOL. The demo sucked, and I won't be touching the game ever again.

This game won't even be a contender.

hazeblaze2972d ago

This game wouldn't be worth the hype it's getting even IF it was PS3 exclusive. All of the excitement from the demo seems to be from people that haven't played Uncharted 2 or GOW... both of which nail the type of action better. The animation was alright but it didn't feel as fluid as Uncharted 2, particularly for the platforming. I really just wasn't blown away. I do think that they should have followed up with a HS2 though... still, this will be worth renting.

MadMax2972d ago

hmm, how can say that? I own U2 and GOW3, enjoyed both those games and from the look and feel of the enslaved demo, i can see myself enjoying enslaved just as much! U2 and GOW3 were even pretty short games. This could even be a longer length game, who knows. I like the world and the atmosphere especially. The gameplay felt great too. I have a friend out here that just tried out enslaved demo and you shouldve heard his reaction to the game. Never played or saw a PS3 demo look so awesome. He was blown away by the graphics just alone! He didnt even seem that all impressed with Uncharted 2 graphics and gameplay. Go figure, so everyone has their own tastes. Personally, i liked the demo more than Halo Reach and look at what people are sayin about that game. I just listed mine up on ebay, as i was very disappointed with that.

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Chaostar2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

It may not be GOTY material but the story is pretty decent. It's loosely based on an ancient chinese novel called 'Journey to the west' and, with it being directed by Andy Serkis, I can see it being decent. Probably should have just made a movie :|

MrMacabre2972d ago

Going up against Castlevania in the same month probably wasn't smart either, they should have delayed until next year to fix the graphical issues and polish the generic gameplay aspects up a little.

hazeblaze2972d ago

Agreed, I'm more interested in the story than I was in the gameplay... And Heavenly Sword proved that they can craft a beautiful story if nothing else!

KingItachi2972d ago

Why is this topic popping up soo much and I don't see it being game of the year.

AllroundGamer2972d ago

maybe some Ninja theory employee started such topic, cause they probably need to boost their ego... btw. i don't see it being game of the year either