Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop - Data

"...Dead Rising 2 was released yesterday for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, but not for the Wii. I thought it was interesting to see how much Wii owners had been playing Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop in the last year and a half, since it released.", says CoffeewithGames.

CwG asked, "How many hours have Wii owners spent in the mall with Frank West, slaying zombies?"

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CoffeewithChess3000d ago

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop? If so, what did you think about it?

AEtherbane3000d ago

Bought this game? shame on you who did....

CoffeewithChess3000d ago

The data shows people have played it, and I would assume purchased it many of the cases reporting data...I have read several Wii owners that seem to have enjoyed it more than they thought they would.

Shnazzyone3000d ago

Worst rental ever. It doesn't even deserve the number it does have. What amazes me is the 11 hour average. How could those developers be so sadistic as put that much gameplay into such a crap game.