Kane & Lynch: Dead Men: GC 2007 Lobby Shootout Cam Gameplay

Kane gets in close quarters with his victims as things get messy in the lobby.

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beavis4play3957d ago

after seeing the new metal gear footage with the freaky boss, this seems less than next gen.

PS360PCROCKS3957d ago

whew thank god it's not just me! I swear this looks like a damn xbox game

Blackfrican3957d ago

Have either of you 2 seen the Metal Gear Video on PS3?

-Where he grabs a statues balls
-Enemies have a minuscule line of sight
-Snake ass is overly defined
-Graphics are eh
-Snakes first take down (gets affectionate with him)
-Snakes assassination (where he kills him by his balls)
-Snake in camouflage is actually not camouflage at all
-His boots don't turn camouflage
-Why stab someone with a knife when you can stun them with a knife?
-Snake can spawn a bullet proof barrel on top of himself
-By rolling the barrel at 4-6mph snake can easily kill enemies
-Then snake has to look at a swimsuit magazine to feel better
-When he shoots people on the roof, they die, then JUMP off the roof, or get thrown by something invisible
-The little robot and its dancing...
-"When in a trashcan, enemies can smell you because of your newly acquired scent" (Stupid japs should know you will smell like the trashcan)

I own PS3 and Xbox360
This game is not worthy of a X/10 rating. Whatever rating it gets, will make other games of that rating look worse.

A couple of questions

1. WTF is this game!?
2. Is it supposed to be some sort of joke?
3. Why is ANYONE looking forward to this game, PS3 and especially xbox
4. What is wrong with japs minds?
5. Is this a long term effect of nuclear radiation?

On a Kane and Lynch note: It looks alright.

PS360PCROCKS3957d ago

I don't think I have laughed that hard in a while haha. MGS looks good and is fun but what you said was actually true!