Fable III's Touchy Subject

Within a month, Fable III will be spinning in many Xbox 360s. Longtime fans of the series, overseen by Lionhead's Peter Molyneux, one of the most endearing figures in gaming, know that with each chapter of Fable comes one or two central ideas that make up the backbone of the adventure. In the original Fable, it was choice-and-consequence manifesting itself both in reactions from other characters as well as the physical representation of your hero. Fable II introduced the dog companion and further streamlined combat.

Fable III includes all of these previous advancements, but also introduces a pair of concepts that figure heavily in the flow of the narrative: the switch from adventurer to leader and the use of touch to shape relationships with the citizens of Albion. The latter is perhaps the most immediately intriguing.

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jarrod19812997d ago

i agree. this game is going to be great. this and new vegas will be taking up alot of my time.

cayal2997d ago

Crap I didn't realise 3 would be out so soon, I started 2 but never got far into it.

Must get back to it.

BillOreilly2997d ago

yea this game will kill my free time for months. i still havnt beat fable 2 theres just too much to do in that game and the 3rd will be even bigger.

Scrupuless2997d ago ShowReplies(2)
NiteX2997d ago

There will never be a game that has the same high quality charm that the Fable series has. I've loved the previous 2 Fable games as have many. Just hoping the PC version of Fable 3 doesn't take too much longer. I really do hate that my 360 died a few weeks ago. If only we lived in a world where things didn't break ever eh?

SexyPrawns2997d ago


If only...

If only...

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The story is too old to be commented.