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Submitted by XANDEO 1960d ago | article

Kotaku : Should you buy an Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 was the first of the current generation of home consoles to launch, all the way back in 2005. If you haven't decided to buy one by now, is there any reason to buy one, well, now? (Xbox 360)

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Natsu X FairyTail   1960d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(9)
Optical_Matrix  +   1960d ago
Not for me there isn't. Thats for sure.
darthv72  +   1960d ago
if you enjoy playing games...
yes. If you enjoy playing brand

I enjoy gaming as a whole to not restrict myself to a single system. Never did before and I am not about to start now.

Nothing wrong with being a single system owner so long as they can be respectful of those who choose to play others.
Cevapi88  +   1959d ago
if you know what you are buying instead going in the store and looking at the $199 and thinking WOW thats a great deal!!!

to me that version of the 360 is a total rip-off and most parents dont know what a big difference there is between the 4GB system and $299 version
SKullDugger  +   1959d ago
I own a new 360 slim 250gb and will be picking up a PS3 in November for GT5, LBP2 and some uncharted I love gaming and I picked the 360 first for MOH and Madden but will enjoy the great PS3 exclusives.
paintsville  +   1959d ago
In my opinion if multi-console release games are important to you with the occassional exclusive thrown in and a very robust online..then yes you should buy one. However, if exclusive games and blu-ray are the most important to you then you need to purchase a ps3.
frostyhat123  +   1959d ago
Yeah Patriots
I bet you do own an Xbox
vsr  +   1959d ago
No. Only rent
for Halo/Gears
vhero  +   1959d ago
Its nothing to do with brand loyalty if you own a PS3 and a high end PC then there it's about a few exclusive games and if you really want to play them. Then you gotta weigh up the price of those games and the console AND the yearly fee of live. For me its no as all I want from 360 is Gears and after 3 dead 360s I refuse to pay all that cash for a new one and then money for a game and live for 1 game. (Got the first on PC)
internalbit  +   1959d ago
Not for me, however if you like exclusives like RROD, disk scratching, prettier interface, paying money to play online, overpriced accessories and Halo then it's a must buy.
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NYC_Gamer   1960d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
AceofStaves  +   1960d ago
It's refreshing to read an article that does a good job of explaining its points without devolving into fanboyism.

Since I already have a PS3, and can live without the 360 exclusives (though I wouldn't mind playing the Fable games), there's no reason for me to purchase one right now.
Anon1974  +   1960d ago
I've already got one but find I don't play it very often in favor of my PS3. I don't agree with having to pay for gaming online when I don't have to so I do all my multiplayer on the PS3, plus the PS3 is an awesome video player (MKV2VOB is your friend). I still like playing Halo/Gears/Fable but that's only once a year or so that one of those come out. My 360 used to be my main console and my PS3 was the one I never touched, but multiple console failures and I just don't feel like I can trust my 360. Sucks having hundreds of dollars in games and repeatedly not being able to play them because of hardware issues, and now that my 360 is more than 3 years old there's no warranty anymore. If it goes again I'm not planning on replacing it.

Still, the 360 is 10 times the game machine a Wii is. Considering they're close to the same price I think it's crazy that the 360 doesn't sell more in comparison.
Jazz4108  +   1959d ago
All I ask is that you realize the truth that the ps3 is full of time consuming mandatory formware updates weekly and installs on every game that take up gigs of your harddrive and hardly ever gets a game that's multiplat that's better then the 360 version. It could take an hour to play a new game on the ps3 before it even starts wwith the all the insatlls with the 360 u put it in and play. Just please know this before making the decision and yes there are a few games that sony makes that look better on the ps3 but they are not miles ahead and you have to pick them apart to see the diffrences but the main thing is they are not that fun and two thirds of its library seem like movies within a game. I own both consoles so my two cents says yes get a 360 its fun and has none of this install crap unless you choose too do it and almost always gets the netter looking game when its on both systems and live its online interface does ccost but its well worth it as this is now miles ahead of ps3s offering.
frostyhat123  +   1959d ago
Shutup you have never had an Xbox!
There is so many pro ps3 trolls on this website.
vhero  +   1959d ago
I am not gonna bother but as for fanboyism this is an article on Kotaku the BIGGEST 360 fanboy site on the web.. That's why I won't read it. There is a lot of good reasons for people to buy one if you have not got any console but if you own a PS3 and PC already there isn't many..
Omega4  +   1960d ago
Why would someone want to post this article on N4G lol. Obviously everyone will say no.
Xbro  +   1960d ago
I guess that everybody hates you?
New here, >_>

and yeah, buy an Xbox if you want one.
JOLLY1  +   1960d ago
Welcome and good luck...
Moentjers  +   1960d ago
lol !
theonlylolking  +   1959d ago
N4g used to be mainly 360 supporters and PS3 supporters would be flamed. Now its the other way around since 2009.
Prototype  +   1959d ago
Finally someone else who was around those days besides me, I remember ANYTHING pro ps3 down to "I like the color" was an automatic -bubbles and 20+ disagrees

Now the 360 fanbase acts like they are the victim when they started all this garbage
frostyhat123  +   1959d ago
Great point Omega
It has to be hard for you with all pro ps3 ppl on N4G!
enkeixpress  +   1960d ago
Well.. I've already had one for around 1-2 years now.. Xbox 360 Elite 120GB.

But I'm now a proud owner of a 250GB Halo Reach Limited Edition Xbox 360. Got it for my birthday (24th) :)
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SmokeyMcBear  +   1960d ago
so.. you're happy about receiving a gift of something you already had? Since you already have the system, you should of got the money for the halo edition, think of all the stuff you could have bought for $300.
ATi_Elite  +   1959d ago
I don't understand why so many 360 owners have two or three 360's in the same house.

you already had a perfectly working one so why buy another? you could of got a PS3.

and why the heck does SmokeyMcBear have so many bubbles?
visualb  +   1959d ago
@ krayzie
I don't believe its just 360 owners, although its probably more predominant (due to modding / RRODing), I believe this generation of gamers is spoilt and take a lot for granted.

Its a simple fact, the more consoles you have, the less time you can dedicated to one console, and the less value you'd give it (the more you have the less value each individual object gets)

i'm not sure what the fun out of that is, but some people enjoy hoarding/collecting pointless amounts of consoles.
we're a generation of mindless consumerism...its just the way things are

in enkei' situation though its unfair to judge. how many times have i recieved a videogame / movie I've already had. OK a console AGAIN is a bit over kill, but its not so much his fault as the person who got it for him's fault.
and smokemcbear is a moderator I believe =)
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SKullDugger  +   1959d ago
Cool! why do people disagree because you it for your birthday..
Prcko  +   1960d ago
N O P!!!
No ide what would i play on xbox??
Halo doesn't interests me,and same goes to gears of war!
Alan Wake is kinda alright but i have Heavy Rain on my favorite console!
And that's prety much it what this console has to offer!!!
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silkrevolver  +   1960d ago
I think they nailed it...
If you have a PS3, no, and if you have a Wii yes.
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Xbro  +   1960d ago
That's just common sense though, isn't it?
silkrevolver  +   1960d ago
I suppose so.
Imperator  +   1960d ago
If you only have a Wii, you should buy a PS3, not a 360.
TheBest  +   1959d ago
All a matter of opinion.
Jazz4108  +   1959d ago
If you have hours of time to use besides playing games because you will need it just for the installs then buy a ps3 but the games I think play better on the 360 without all that and that's why the 360 is winning this gen.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   1959d ago
Lmao! More people have wii's than ps3. So you guys support the significant jump the 360 would gain from gamers jumping to it. Lol! Common sense indeed.
bikar  +   1960d ago
simply NO!
IRetrouk  +   1960d ago
i think they are still worth the money, as long as your buying the new model, the older ones suck, the exclusives that xbox does have are definatly worth playing
wsoutlaw87  +   1960d ago
I dont think playing just 2 games gears and halo are worth 420$ (xbox + 2 games)
IRetrouk  +   1960d ago
its not just gears and halo though is it? there is a back cataloge of games to play if you are just getting the system.
wsoutlaw87  +   1959d ago
if you've had a ps3, not really
IRetrouk  +   1959d ago
sorry but reguardless of weather you have a ps3 or not the xbox still has a little life in it, you call yourself a gamer but deny yourself games, makes no sence.
Panthers  +   1960d ago
Maybe not, but I really want to play Halo 3, Wars, ODST, and Reach. Ive missed out on all the Halo this gen and while my PS3 has treated me well, it just YLOD and I am considering a 360. I already got a new PS3 though since it made no sense to repair my 20g PS3.

Still, I want to play Halo and Gears, but that would be all. I hate Fable and everything else is multiplat.
metsgaming  +   1960d ago
The only reason is because your friends may have it and frankly thats no reason to get a console. When i did research to get a console i looked at the pros and cons and the only xbox pro was that friends had it.
gcolley  +   1959d ago
and look at all the PS3 fanboy agrees to such an idiotic comment. "when i did research..." what a joke

gotta love n4g. think i'm over it. you have to be a douchebag fanboy to get anything out of this site anymore
Scotland-The-Brave  +   1959d ago
Exactly, when i bought my PS3 none of my friends had it. They all had the 360. Now the tables have turned completely, they all have PS3's.
Jazz4108  +   1959d ago
You are on the wrong site if you want an honest opinion of the 360. 90 percent of the people on this site live and breathe sony and will denfend it to the grave. Please check out a real gamer site that will give you an honest opinion. I hate the ps3 even though I own one and my first one got the ylod and I think its a worthless install station for movies but that is my opinion and on this site you have to be firm with your opinion because I gurantee the sony guys which outnumber 360 3 to 1 on this site are not going to be nice about the 360. My advice is the 360 but check out another site for an honest opinion.
MaximusPrime  +   1960d ago
i sold xbox 360 a month before PS3 launch. Should i get it again? hell no, i got so many games on PS3 to play and enjoy.
k-Lan  +   1960d ago
Go and play them! Nobody cares buddy!! lmao!
Thanks for the laugh just as i'm about to shut down for the day.
MaximusPrime  +   1960d ago
i got laptop on and im also playing PS3. currently Assassins creed brotherhood multiplayer beta.

thank you for your concern..
Scotland-The-Brave  +   1959d ago
"i'm about to shut down for the day"
Nobody cares buddy!
TimeSkipLuffy  +   1960d ago
I have a PS3 and a Wii and bought a US XBOX360 Slim because I travel a lot from europe to the US and the XBOX360 was the cheapest HD console I could get at that time.
I wanted to play some games here in Europe even bought me a transformer but there are a lot of region coded games in germany... T___T
At the end I still keep playing with my PS3.
k-Lan  +   1960d ago
Clap, clap! Anything else you would like to share?
Scotland-The-Brave  +   1959d ago
Haha, K-lan dont cry, you dont have to be bitter all the time. Come over to the dark side and buy a ps3. My fellow PS3 fans will embrace you.
jneul  +   1959d ago
@ k-lan It's ok because we all know why you are mad you wanted a ps3 as your console but got an x360 bought for you instead, there there now, don't be sad it's not your fault....
bustamove  +   1960d ago
K-Lan, you sound angry that people own PS3's. It's okay you know, you don't have to act that way.
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maniac76  +   1960d ago
lol when the thing still rrods,frak no. although xbox gots some good games,id rather pass and save for a 3ds haha
Adrela  +   1960d ago
Xbox 360 Slim and Xbox 360(with the Jasper Chip) don't RROD....
Scotland-The-Brave  +   1959d ago
Ok, they RDOD
Jazz4108  +   1959d ago
Our psy3 will die before the new 360s and that's a fact checkout some facts before you vomit crap.
militant07  +   1960d ago
not if I already have one
kagon01  +   1960d ago
It doesn't appeal to me...
jaytv-pyro  +   1960d ago
i_am_interested  +   1960d ago
of course you should buy a 360, they gave us one for free at e3 and 'we love it'
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MorganX  +   1960d ago
I'll say one thing for PS3, it holds its value much better than Xbox. I just sold a 120G slim on eBay for $225, I had it for almost a year. Only lost $74 in value. I only got $130 for my 250 GB Elite, and that was with an overpriced Wireless-N adapter.

The games I play are on Xbox and I don't really like the PS3 community. Basically, you should buy whatever console has the games "you" like to play and the community you enjoy if you do the online social.
SKullDugger  +   1959d ago
Yes! choose the console or consoles that have the games you enjoy its about games and having fun. ENJOY GAMING EVERBODY..
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dizzleK   1960d ago | Trolling | show
Roper316  +   1960d ago
If you consider yourself a core gamer then you should really own both a PS3 & 360. If you can only afford 1 console then it all boils down to preference so only the person deciding would be able to answer that.

I own both but if I could only have I personally would choose the PS3 for a few different reasons which I won't go into.

Best bet is to own both though and have the best of both worlds.
coolbeans  +   1960d ago
Basically all that needs to be said.
In the end it's all about preference. Instead of answering future console buyers with "buy X console", we should implore them to look up what each console is offering and let them decide from their tastes and preferences. Heck, just check out the TechnoBuffalo youtube videos to get the complete rundown of both PS3 and 360 when deciding between those two.
PimpHandHappy  +   1960d ago
make the Elite 199 and im in
MsmackyM  +   1960d ago
I enjoy my PS3 and my Wii. The 360 has nothing to bring me to the table. Plus I don't want to pay for p2p multiplayer.
alb1899  +   1960d ago
I have a 360 and i will buy it again if i have to decide.

Halo3, gears of war, fable3 and i preffer to buy all the not exclusive for 360 because are better made and xboxlive is better for the Ones that can pay it.
Plus i'm looking foward to buy kinect and move because i will like to see new things in my livingroom........yes i have a ps3 too!
JonnyBigBoss  +   1960d ago
No thanks, I have a gaming PC. I'm playing Final Fantasy XIV on it this moment actually.
divideby0  +   1960d ago
^ How is it ?
I am holding off on the PC version for now
JonnyBigBoss  +   1960d ago
It has a lot of ups and downs. The game can be very clunky and inconvenient, but at the same time it has some charm. The visuals and audio are fantastic, and the combat is definitely better than FFXI. However, getting around is slow, the UI is unintuitive, the lack of an Auction House is unbearable after a while, and more.

I can't really recommend it, but once it get some patches I can.
Socomer 1979  +   1960d ago
gears and halo are too old.
And any other game that toybox has is old. $450 to play old laggy games? No thanks. I like Brand New Cutting Edge Tech. Make mine a PS3!

alb1899  +   1960d ago
Is not gears younger that gt5 and god of war?
divideby0  +   1960d ago
if my launch 360 (#3) dies, I will not replace it..

Fable and Gears are the only 360 games I want to play

next year IF Kinect has REAL games and if a bundle is going for 300 bucks, I than MAY buy one.. but I have to see some 1st Party real games from MS... not the launch shovelware of Kinect
BYE  +   1960d ago
I've been fine without one so far as I'm not really interested in Halo or anything that is announced on that system.
EVO-OM3GA  +   1960d ago
Wasn't this article already posted but yet it keeps getting reposted

The amount of No's and I already own a ps3 the machine has no exclusives then brings in my question how can you comment on the games, accessories or service if you don't have it your just making yourselves look like idiots if you use to own xbox then fair play.

It's just funny cause all of are the same names that pop up in every 360 article that doesn't relate to you console of choice or has anything to do with it yet your negative opinions you feel is needed.

If you love your ps3s so much how do you find the time to come on here and troll like you do.
alb1899  +   1960d ago
Yes i'm an alien, i'm a legal alien, I'm an english man in new York!
Yes i'm an alien, i'm a legal alien, i'm an 360 fan in N4G!
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