How Much The Nintendo 3DS Will Cost Where You Live

SystemLink: "News has broken that the Nintendo 3DS, the brand new 3D/Touch Screen handheld revealed at E3, will cost a total of 25,000 Japanese Yen. Sounds like a lot, right? We here at SystemLink love helping you guys out, so here's an incredibly handy list of 25,000 Yen converted into most major currencies."

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KratosGirI2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Lowest will probably be BD 100 ($265) while the highest will probably be BD 190 or BD 200 ($503-530)

Unless I can find one for a low price, I'm ordering mine from the US.

rroded2971d ago

with two kids we'd have ta buy it for

heres hopping they knock the dsi down ta bout 1 bill.

Red_Orange_Juice2971d ago

is that a joke? more like 300, Europeans always pay the most.

Theonik2971d ago

210E seems like an accurate enough estimate if you ask me. 200-250E/$ is my bet.

SpoonyRedMage2971d ago

The problem is that they don't do straight conversions. the DSi XL launched at 20,000 Yen which is about $240 but it was sold for much lower than that in the US and the European prices are usually the US ones with a symbol change(meaning we get charged more!)

Millah2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

The Yen is currently strong right now which is also why it converts to 300. Just because Japan has a strong Yen right now doesn't mean that every other region gets charged more, Nintendo figures out the price according to economic factors and such, which is EXACTLY why Nintendo said American launch details and price would be announced at a later date. Otherwise they would have just said, this is the price, convert it to your currency and that's what you'll pay.

mrmcygan2971d ago

I'm a little worried that the frames per second will suck on the 3DS, since you have to show 2 images, the fps will be cut in half. So 30fps on non-3D will equal 15 fps.

SpoonyRedMage2971d ago

That's not how the 3DS works. The 3DS divides the horizontal resolution of the screen instead so the screen is actually 800x240 but each eye gets 400x240. An added bonus is that it actually anti-aliases the images because your brain interprets two slightly different images.

Valay2971d ago

I still think it'll be about $250 in North America.

eagle212971d ago

Me too. Hopefully, like Japan we get the charge stand and memory card/camera cards included. Just with that price. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.