God of War Or Castlevania?

Can Gabriel be as Badass as Kratos?

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jc485732971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

gabriel is more believable than kratos, so he wins against Kratos in every way.

NYC_Gamer2971d ago

Kratos would rip gabriel in half

nycredude2971d ago

And you just be mildly retarded so I'll give you a pass on this one.

MrMccormo2971d ago

How about both? I bought God of War III several months ago when it came out, and now I can enjoy the new Castlevania. Weeee!

Imperator2971d ago

Well, if you have PS3 you have the choice, if you only own a 360 you're screwed, It's either castlvania or nothing.

AndrewRyan2971d ago

He survived Kimo therapy, and paints his body. He was also once a God.

Cevapi882971d ago

i know ill get downmodded...but gabriel is much more tame compared to kratos....while gabriel is more human, kratos is all about ripping your face off to get his revenge...both characters work well in the worlds that were created for them...greek mythology vs a LoTR feel of least that is how i see it

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Raikiri2971d ago

Yeah kratos is a lot stronger

shoddy2971d ago

Even super man couldn't take down a god.

remanutd552971d ago

Shoddy you made me laugh lol , have some bubbles up
If All of Olympus Will Deny Me My Vengeance then ALL of Olympus will DIE - Kratos
Man , God , LEGEND!!!!

Mit2971d ago

Kratos would burn Gabe's house down and piss on the ashes.....Then he'll shit on his chest and tear his fucking face off.

zireno2971d ago

while eating a hot dog

Ultraplayerxd2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

And doing his GF.

Christopher2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )


Kratos is the personification of rage and anger. If you want to play the best badass in action games out there and gut some mythical creatures, he's your man.

Now, if you want some less brutal and more recognizable, there's no denying Gabriel. Where Kratos might hit hard and fast, Gabriel is a man of endurance, even if his textures aren't as big.

In the end, they both satisfy the ladies and gamers alike. If you're a PS3 owner, you get it all. 360 only owners? You really should think about buying a PS3 so you can have the best of both worlds.

lovestospoodge2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Your comment is less believable than Justin Bieber's Y-chromosomes, so you're an xbot in every way :P

zeddy2971d ago

im more scared of kratos

360 man2971d ago

castlevania hands down :))

westy5522971d ago

Its not like you get a choice 360 man.....

Ah bummer, passes tissues.

gameraxis2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

People just think Kratos is the typical mean bad a$$ but why can't u see that his person his character is so much more well done than any other in the industry his voice, animations, his stature its like u really know Kratos when u play a gow game and at least for me his emotions channel right to me, but I'm a gow FREAK so everyone can think how they want I suppose, I just think very few games establish such a great protagonist, and I hope all the slander isn't because of fanboy blindness...

BkaY2971d ago

one hand you hav a dude who fuking killed gods... and on the other hand you have a dude who kill wolfs and shit.. and got full armor ... he his a prince charming...

in the demo of castlevania demo ... Gabe kill that wolf with wooden spear

in the demo of GOW3 kratos killed that half lion, snake and goat thing... dont you remember how he fuked that goat up with its own horn....

IMHO... KRATOS... coz he is spartan.... lol


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RedPawn2971d ago

As a GAMER, i'm gonna have to rebuke the Fanboy Devil and go ahead and say both, for sure.

Stories/Characters is what drives both of these franchises.

I will never diss a great series, that was out ages before anyone knew anything past Walkman.

I say both, cause I can.

jc485732971d ago

God of War had a story?

zireno2971d ago

yes and if you couldn't follow it, then my friend you are.... aren't very smart.

RedPawn2971d ago

I said God of War, not Gears of War.

I'm not hating on Gears but it has a very poor story, but hellified action that works.

Mit2971d ago

You have 5 bubbles?

x5exotic2971d ago

how sad that a Bubble+ has "intelligent" and bubble- doesnt have "retarded"

Jack-Pyro2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Yes, Actually it did, a rather good one too.

You see God of War was written as, and actually exemplifies a Greek Tragedy, almost to a scary Degree.

Since you appear to have no higher brain functions, I'm gonna break it down for you, Greek Tragedy's typically have 3 key elements.

1. A person of high status being brought down by their actions (Kratos is a rising spartan captain, who kills his family as well as the God of War Aries)

2. The action's that ruin the main character don't have to be evil, or even be the main characters fault. In Greek tragedy's Characters are judged by their actions, not their intentions. (Kratos is tricked into killing his family, and then slaying a God)

3. Upon learning what he had done, the main character is almost always, filled with violent, and imminent remorse. (After Kratos realizes what he has done, he casts himself from the highest point in all of Greece and into the Sea in order to kill himself.)

Think about Number 3 for a minute, At the end of his quest, in which he battles his way through teeming hoards of enemies, and kills a god, he realizes it was all for nothing. He is left a broken, pathetic man, pitiable. Which makes his plight sympathetic to the audience. This is called Pathos, and it is the driving point of God of War's Story Telling. What Gods, Demons, and Hell itself couldn't do to Kratos, his own guilt dose. This makes God of War a shining example in videogame storytelling.

There you have it, God of War was a Greek Tragedy in almost every conceivable least the first one was, the second two were more about revenge than tragedy.

Now jc, would you kindly GTFO and never come back.

gamerdude1322971d ago


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Death24942971d ago

I'm removing some of those bubbles, if this is all we can expect from you.

Death24942971d ago

Own a 360 then you can't lose by picking this title up. If you own a ps3 then, I can't what's wrong with picking this title up. I'm sure most people have beaten GOW3 by now, so it's time to move on. Castlevania is a proven franchise who needed a real "reboot". I think it's been achieved with this release, so it's an absolute win.

number472971d ago

Can a game be released and not be compared to AAA PS3 Exclsuives?


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Fishy Fingers2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

I prefer the personality and overall style of Gabriel, more believable, easier to relate to (not really that important in a game). But, man, Kratos would f*** him up!

Raikiri2971d ago

Nowadays it IS important for you to be able to relate the character easier, Especially with these type of games

Takoulya2971d ago

I disagreed not because I believe it's not important to relate to characters, but rather because this type of game just isn't the type of game where it's especially important to relate to the character. Games that truly require you to relate to the character is a franchise like Metal Gear. I cried in the end of MGS4 because I was so in touch with all the characters.


When Big Boss died, I really felt true grief. After finishing the game, it really left an emptiness in me for a few days.

Another game in which I really related to the character and felt truly in touch with them very surprisingly was Halo: Reach.
You didn't really know Noble 6's story, didn't know the team's story, but you knew what they were fighting for, and that was everything for me.


The ending of Halo: Reach was incredible simply due to the fact that it showed real war. Not a one man army winning against all odds to survive and celebrate, but rather the sacrifice of the Spartans who knew what needed to be done to save their people. The true spirit of sacrifice was all I needed to connect with Noble 6. Due to this, I really hope Bungie continues Halo's storyline. The potential is incredible, and the gameplay's solid.

despair2971d ago

Really, relating to a vampire hunter from a family of hunters that is slaying all manners of evil beast while traversing a deadly world and talking to your dead wife's ghost.

Or maybe relating to a spartan warrior with blades seared to his skin covered with the ash of his dead family that kills Greeks gods and traverses a dangerous world while talking to a dead god he killed and aiming to kill the king of the gods for revenge.

Yea both these characters are easy to relate to.

Oh if you were being sarcastic then ignore my comment(these days its hard to tell)

AceofStaves2971d ago

If we were talking about books, I'd agree with your point about being able to relate to the character.

Since "God of War's" plot has more in common with Ancient Greek epic poems and tragedies, Kratos doesn't have to be a character people can relate to. He's larger-than-life, a flawed, tragic hero of the Greek epic tradition. He suits the game plot much better than a more complex, introspective, or postmodern protagonist.

gillri2971d ago

I think GOW3 will be the slightly better game, but Kratos is a complete douche

jc485732971d ago

Thank you. Someone is actually sane here.

shoddy2971d ago

I'm glad Zues screw him over so I get a chance to destroy everything.
The game is a masterpiece.

westy5522971d ago

Quick you have one comment left jc48573 use it with all your power to bash kratos again. And yes the real winner in all this is us, because everyone is laughing how stupid you are. Now GTFO.

IRetrouk2971d ago

wouldnt you be a douche if someone tricked you into killing your family, i mean if it was me i would be ripping everyone in half too, lol.

gillri2971d ago

sometimes people just need a hug

x5exotic2971d ago

if some1 tricked me into killing my own family...and i get killed 3 times and i go to hell all the time....yes you have to be a douche in this case.....

Natsu X FairyTail2971d ago

I dont think that Gabriel will kill his family and stuff...

ZombieAutopsy2971d ago

He might if he was tricked into it.