Black Ops Hidden Beta?

As if Call of Duty wasn’t already filling your news feeds, another interesting bit of information has been revealed for Treyarch’s Call of Duty Black Ops. With Zombies, new multiplayer modes, and what looks to be like an amazing multiplayer could this game have anything more? Yes it could.

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-Alpha2726d ago

Not news. We knew this already. There is an internal beta within the devs. Makes sense to see Bowling playing considering he is part of the CoD family

vickers5002726d ago

If you don't like the game, then why did you come here to comment? Do you have nothing better to do with your time?

HSx92726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Stop being over sensitive about a video game, he said "it's only cod..." I have to remind you this becuase you obviously can't read.

He never said he hated COD, he was just referring that COD gets over-hyped really easily. Pay attention in school instead of "wasting your time" and you might actually learn some grammar and reading skills.

vickers5002726d ago

"It's only cod" is a purely flamebait comment, meant to piss off the people that like the game. It's basically saying "who cares".

"he was just referring that COD gets over-hyped really easily"

No, he wasn't. There is NOTHING in his comment at all about COD being overhyped. Like I said, it's his way of saying "who cares". If I went into a Killzone 3 beta rumor article and posted the same comment about KZ3, I'd get hounded for being a troll or a fanboy.

His comment serves no purpose other than trolling and attempting to piss people off (or informing people about his opinion because he thinks people actually care, like some pre tween twitter junkie).

It seems you are the one that should actually have paid attention in school, since you only read what you want to and interpret things the way you want to.

HSx92726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

I'm not going to reply to your comment, all I have to say is, "reading skills" (what you obviously don't have)

FYI: COD is over-hyped, nobody can deny that.

Mit2725d ago

Nope, nothing better to do. I guess you had nothing better to do with your time either.....seeing as ur lecturing me about your precious FPS.

FishCake9T42725d ago

@ Vickers500 i agree with you 100%. If this was KZ3 and the guy made a comment like that the user on N4PS3G would slaughter you. I think its because they cant accept COD > KZ.

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vickers5002726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

If they do have one, hopefully there is also one for ps3. After MW2, I'd really like to play before I buy so I don't get ripped off in the end.

Vip3r2726d ago

This is COD. You will get ripped off in the end.

bananasNmonkeys2726d ago

I just cant get my head around how the arguably biggest FPS release in history, that will no doubt sell in its millions and make millions of dollars not have some sort of beta/demo/trial.

wsoutlaw872725d ago

thats exactly why its already going to sell theres no need to convince people. however it may turn some would be buyers away if it sucked

2725d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.