Ridge Racer 3DS, new screenshots

Namco Bandai Games released new screenshots of Ridge Racer 3DS.

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Killman2882d ago

Some of these screenshots are not the best of quality. It reminds me of the PSP version though, which was a great game.

hay2882d ago

It's Rrrrridge Racerrrrrr!

Those screenshots looks kinda bad. Both picture quality and game visual don't impress. PSP version looks better.
Too bad we won't see RR8 soon on home systems. I love this series.

SandRazor2882d ago

Ridge Racer on the 3DS looks uglier compared to the PSP version but you know graphics will improve.

Downtown boogey2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

And Reggie says the system is bordering on PS3/360 capabilities...
Cut the crap, please!

eagle212882d ago

this is a port from the crappy iphone people. :)

Kiriel2882d ago

Not sure if it will improve. I'm getting the feeling that this is a pretty straight port from the original game. The 3DS is far more powerful than this game shows.

CobraKai2882d ago

This is prolly the laziest thing I've seen. Seriously, this looks like the PSP launch game (which was very impressive for it's time). But i was expecting a lot more

Otheros002882d ago

So horribly pixilated! So much for bordering on PS3/360 capabilities.

Darkfocus2882d ago

this is a straight port it's not a ground up 3ds game. have you seen the RE gameplay vid?

NiteX2882d ago

Wow talk about a major disappointment. I sure as hell hope they improve the graphics.

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The story is too old to be commented.