Crysis 2 Nano Edition available to pre-order now in UK

Crysis 2's Nano Edition is available to pre-order now from and the UK EA Store.

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MGRogue20172914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )


... Fuck. That's too steep for me. =/

Standard for me. :)

TOSgamer2914d ago

Such a bummer this game was delayed. I actually sold my gtx 470s and downgraded to gtx 465s to pocket the $230 difference since there aren't any games that will stress either pair at 19x12 until maybe this game comes out. At least I'll have $230 extra to play with if I upgrade in the future.

Griefy2914d ago

I was expecting like half the game for half the price. >.>

fan_of_gaming2914d ago

preordered just in case this doesn't come to Canada

moe842914d ago

US release please, guaranteed buy!

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