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Dead Rising 2 – Borat Easter Egg

Enkeixpress writes: I came across this video on YouTube that shows a Borat easter egg in the recently released Dead Rising 2 for PC, Xbox 360 & PS3..

Take a look at it below. (Dead Rising 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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tacosRcool  +   1379d ago
that pic for the article is horrible!
sak500  +   1379d ago
What, are you twelve?
tacosRcool  +   1378d ago
Just saying that the pic is horrible. Stop your bitching at me
blumatt  +   1379d ago
Hilarious movie
"Yatsomeeesh! My name-uh Borat! Very nice, how much?!"
sak500  +   1379d ago
Pretty pathetic frame rate i hope 360 version is much smoother like the original.
DeathGazer  +   1379d ago
Saints Row 2 did it first.
Natsu X FairyTail  +   1379d ago
Danm. NO HOMO @ all this.
Sneak-Out  +   1379d ago
lol, awesome
Waldi  +   1379d ago
This game is pure fun!
fafoon  +   1379d ago
I'm wearing a Mankini right now
Truth  +   1379d ago
I don't know what all the complaining is against the PS3 version... bought it yesterday and can't even notice the "screen tearing". I'm at work now, but I'll go home and try and notice it this time.
blackburn5  +   1379d ago
Ahhhh!!!! My eyes!!!!! Wasn't the Daisy Duke costume traumatizing enough? I hope his daughter doesn't see him dressed like this. "Daddy, what are you wearing?!!!! *scream*
ZombieAutopsy  +   1379d ago
Ha there is a few funny outfits you can wear in DR2, but this one I will keep on if I stumble across it.
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CrzyFooL  +   1378d ago
So umm where is Borat? All I see is Chuck Greene in a mankini ... Easter egg my ass.

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