PlayStation LifeStyle: F1 2010 Review

PlayStation LifeStyle Writes "Formula One fans have found their game this year. F1 2010 has an entertaining career mode that has laid the foundation for ever-improving functionality in future iterations of the series. The presentation is amazing, especially during any sort of varying weather conditions, although there are also occasionally some weird graphical artifacts. The audio work is gripping, and contributes to a pulse-pounding experience. However, the game may be a tad too hardcore for the casual racer, especially when playing online multiplayer. No custom soundtrack support exists, and no built-in music plays during races, which may put some players off. But this is the type of game that you set aside at least a good hour per session to complete a race. The time you spend getting accustomed to the tracks in practice and qualifying can really pay off, and is truly rewarding. I’ll see you on the track."

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T3mpr1x3000d ago

Really fun, not really for casual racing fans though!

jromao2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Hi, playing on PS3, found a serious bug:

a) In Off-line race at Hockenheim track (Germany) using the RedBull (Vattel) Car.
b) 20% race under Heavy Rain.

BUG: I found after some laps that AI car times ware completely WRONG, I was leading the race with about 5/6 seconds ahead from second car (AI) and at the end of sector one I could check on the on-screen track map that car was far from me, BUT I saw the information that the car behind me was only at 0.4 seconds ???? And that never happen in that complete lap.

I start watching more often the screen and indeed I saw the times not real according the map car positions, to end the party I cross the checkered flag in first place while the car behind me was glued to my car so we finish the race inside the same second (lap time), my surprise again when I saw displayed that the second car end the race with 6 seconds behind me ???? What is not true of course.


I was practicing on Trial Time when I read the leaderboard for that specific track times that the guy ranked #1 was able to perform at 1:28:00 while the real life record for that track is around 1:34 ????

So, there is something very very wrong with the game, let's hope they can fix all this errors.