Asylum's 10 Most Anticipated Holiday 2010 Video Games writes: "Hopefully the following titles will give us an excuse to call out of work for a day (or three), but the "jaded gamer" part of us -- whose rose-tinted horn rims have been cracked one too many times following unmet sky-high expectations -- demands cautious optimism.

The following is a countdown of our most anticipated titles based on what we've played or seen over the past few months. We really hope none of them suck.

Let us know which title you're most excited about by voting in our reader poll."

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YME12802972d ago

As a hardcore gamer I can't wait to play Kirby's Epic Yarn. Wait? What? But yeah, I'm really looking forward to playing it.

jagstatboy2971d ago

I'm with the art style look of that game.

AceofStaves2971d ago

It's on my list, too. Nintendo has really stepped up this fall.

2971d ago
CantHaveOpinionsHere2971d ago

not really anything I see appealing besides halo reach, which, in all rights is a must have. A shame me3 couldn't make it's way to the ps3 realease before xmas. Would've really helped the ps3 out

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