More GT5 Cars Revealed in PlayView Demo Videos

Videos of the “GT5 Car Index” PlayView tech demo reveals more cars than ever before. Check out this HD footage and see what you can find…

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Azianphil882971d ago

"Conan O'Brien The New King of Late Night Long Live the King"
Norm McDonald

Megaton2971d ago

Leno does have a pretty beast collection. I've seen him in one of his Duesenbergs before, just driving down the street.

deafwing2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

this amount of cars to obtain ... and more (cuz we didn't see all, I heard it hits 1100 or something) ...makes me somewhat sick to the stomach ... but damn... it's nuts O_o .. this game really PolyPhony's Magnum Opus

visualb2971d ago

I wonder / hope they use this sort of car viewing system in the game!?

vsr2971d ago

especially the definitive game devs couldn't

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redDevil872971d ago

Imagine someone got all those cars and they lost their save data...

Snakefist302971d ago

That wud be dissapointing!!

danmachine2971d ago

into GT5 it is running on a ps3 after all.

theonlylolking2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

This tech is really nice.

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