Final Fantasy I and II 55% off on the iTunes App Store

Nina of Writes:

"Attention all you Final Fantasy iPhone fans we got some great news for you, Final Fantasy I and II are on sale for a limited time on the iTunes App Store! In celebration for the Square Enix’s French and Chinese language updates. The original price of $9.99 will now be heavily discounted to $3.99 each for both games. However this is only for a limited time only – the sale ends on Monday, October 5. So better get that money ready before the sale ends!"

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dwightmccarthy2997d ago

That is a good deal but I can't go back to those games anymore.

rrquinta2997d ago

As much as I prefer buttons, I might bite on this, as that's a good price. Now if only they would lower Chaos Wars 55%...

tigresa2997d ago

That's a good game to have on the go. Not bad.

Snarkasaur2997d ago

Wish they'd put these games out on the gd android market.

K-Tuck2997d ago

I'd rather have them on the PSP.