Examiner: Dead Rising 2 Review: Slaying the Undead Has Seldom Been More Fun

EX: "Dead Rising 2 is an awesome action game that emphasizes mindless fun over anything else. There are a few hiccups that prevent it from being perfect, but if you’re looking to check your brain out and just immerse yourself in an insane bloodbath of gratuitous violence and unchecked carnage, Dead Rising 2 is definitely for you."

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killyourfm2969d ago

But the big question is: What's the save system like?
(off to read review hopefully it's mentioned!)

Killman2969d ago

The save system is basically the same as the first. You use restrooms again. The only real change is now there are three save slots as opposed the original single.

So far, I am having a blast. I love how you can just continue to kill things even if you fail to meet the story mission deadlines.