First Gran Turismo 5 review hits October 27th

SystemLink: "The wait is just about over for Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5. According to Official Playstation Magazine UK, they'll have the game's first review up on the 27th of October."

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PhilipLarkin2918d ago

It kind of has to be. Even if a publication thought it was actually a 9, they'd have to give it a 10 - the public backlash would be so detrimental to the site/mag's reputation that it wouldn't be worth it.

StanLee2918d ago

Does anyone really need a review of GT5?! Preorder already paid for in full!

solideagle12918d ago

just look at the polish and content of the game. kazunori yamauchi has put his soul in this game. it should hit 97 to 95 metacritic....


Anarki2918d ago

If this game doesn't get perfect scores, I'll be asking questions ¬.¬

It's almost life like...

number472918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

It will be great to see all the reviewers that claimed Forza3 was 'perfect' with its laundry list of inaccurate cockpits/spoilers that dont move/no air brakes/no weather/no dynamics/no pit crew/no night/day/no wrc-rally-nascar/no open wheel/no track creator... to find faults with GT5 for having quintuple the features/content that the entire forza series has.

will they make it an 8/10 for...

1. 260+Cockpit models/Standard cars
2. No pikachu painting

Because F3's online was ruined by Turn10. Of course reviewers turned a blind eye and just agreed it was definitive since it was out. Its a lose lose for Edge and other haters. How the hell are they going to come up with excuses to score it the same as forza.. or lower?

Cant wait... I bought my PS3 for this damn game. Finally its coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

boodybandit2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Hell to the NO!
I don't care what any review has to say about GT5.
It is an absolute day one no brainer for me.

I am getting my drop cloth ready right now to paint my riser for my racing cockpit. My GT5 decals should get here any day to help put the finishing touches to it.

Hopefully my newly ordered Fanatec GT3 RS V2 and racing seat (ordered today) will arrive in time for GT5. I'm going all out for this bad boy!

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Convas2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

There's no such thing as a perfect game, giving it a ten means that it's the best or close to the best at what it does in it's Genre. Giving it an eleven means that it's better than any game that's ever existed.

Xbro2918d ago

Didn't GOW3 get 22/20 in some French magazines?

Urncharted 2 also did it think.

OneSneakyMofo2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

"Giving it an eleven means that it's better than any game that's ever existed."

And your point is...? :D

To the disagreers:
What? It's Gran Turismo 5 we are talking about, the real driving simulator.

Ravage272918d ago

and it would still be justified since GT5 packs in more content than any 2 games conbined while pushing graphics that belongs to the next generation of consoles :p

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aceitman2918d ago

a look at gt5 im hopeing for a demo or at least for qore or psn+ members soon then at least in the middle of oct. a demo for the rest

solideagle12918d ago

on the content and time alone....


kingteekej2918d ago

If the cars handles like they do in real life or close to that, and a good and pretty accurate feeling, I just need a GTR and Nürburgring, And It would be a perfect 10. I wouldn't care about how much time they used.
Don't misunderstand, I am glad they put in much content, Its just not the most important thing for me when I DRIVE racing-simulators.
Just 1 month and a couple of days left!!!

solideagle12918d ago

my bro what do u think they are doing previous 5 years...smoking cigars? kazunori san is perfectionist man. believe me cars will me as much accurate as real......even many pro drivers say that ;)


RageAgainstTheMShine2918d ago

At Last! A Non-Violent Game that Millions of True Gamers Really Enjoy!


At Last! A Non-Violent Game that Millions of True Gamers Really Enjoy!

jony_dols2910d ago

LittleBigPlanet isn't exactly a violent game?

Blinding_Solo2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

A 10 out of 10? This game is a 20 out of 10 its beyond perfect. November 2, 2010!
The Real Driving Simulator!


The Reviewers need to play the game for weeks to test all Features from Single Player, to Multiplayer.

I don't want a Half Review.

Blinding_Solo2918d ago

I don't think you could finish this game within a few weeks. GT4 took me about 9 months to complete. I kept losing those damn 24 hr races. I guarantee there will be half assed reviews.

iPad2918d ago

That's why I'm looking forward to GameSpot's review of GT5.

Just take a look at their review of Mafia 2 against IGN's. IGN didn't even talk about the exclusive content on the PS3 version

master_of_ownage2918d ago

We say in most of the reviews on the internet "it will surely be the best racing game ever made" but you have no idea what happens BEHIND THE CAMERAS. It won't be a total piece of fakeness like NFS or stuff like that. It's a very good game and i admit i will buy it but come on dude you can't call gran turismo "the real driving simulator"! It simply isn't!

yewles12918d ago

The alien from the planet "trying too hard"... XD

thong_pounder2918d ago

i know i will be playing this a week earlier before release. won my copy from subway contest.

dirtydbz2914d ago

well thats cool but you won't have much online compition at first

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HeroXIV2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Ahh so relieving, a european magazine specifically who reviews PS3 games. Shall be refreshing because you KNOW there will be some douchebag reviews out there.

aceitman2918d ago

that there will be 6 and 7 and 8 s on the reviews from some lame site wanting to get hits or bias towards the ps3 and they will say u cant customize ur car like forza so minus for that too much in the game minus for that the damage is ok but has been done before and its not realistic enough or gametrailers saying its not bringing anything new to the table . anything they can say just to take points off . i can see it coming just like gow3 and uc2 . i give it a 10 from all i see i hope it scores big a least 97 above on the metric.

OsamaOnCrack2918d ago

i thought gran turismo 5 had customizing. didnt u see the my home screens??

bustamove2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Definitely a 10 or a 9.

Or...maybe a 6 from some site that may nitpick everything to death.

StarScream4Ever2918d ago

Most likely 9s or 10s. If lucky maybe some French press might give it an 11.

mike90772918d ago

yea werent they the ones who gave gow 3 a 11? or did gow 3 get a 11 from the french i cant remember

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