Hajime Tabata Is Thinking Of Before Crisis: FFVII for 3DS

Over on Square Enix’s ever-informative 3rd Birthday Twitter account, producer, Hajime Tabata, talks about the Nintendo 3DS and, in a surprisingly open fashion, casually contemplates the possibility of a remake of Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII on the system.

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Xof2999d ago

Wasn't that the cell phone game?

Honestly, considering the poor quality of, well, all everything with FFVII in the name (other than FFVII) I can't say I care very much.

e-p-ayeaH2999d ago

porting a cellphone game for a handheld console that sounds to me their milking the cash cow BUT since i never got the chance to play this it might be another game to consider.

If it is a remake with quality 2D graphics that´s acceptable