Xbox 360 Update: Still the Best Software Experience

Technologizer says: "Microsoft let me try the new Xbox 360 software before its public release, and while I can’t take full advantage of ESPN (more on that later), the other changes are still enough to solidify the Xbox 360′s standing as the best software experience on a game console — provided you’re willing to pay for Xbox Live."

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MasterKen2969d ago

...but is it an extra $10 per year great?

attackmantis2969d ago

Agreed, I'm still not happy with the Xbox Live price hike!

D4RkNIKON2969d ago

Seems like a few disagree'rs are happy with the price hike!

AndrewRyan2968d ago

While I play games on my PC and PS3 for free.

Wakka_2969d ago

Much better than PSN for sure.

Akagi2969d ago

Apples and oranges, Wakka. Apples and oranges.

Crystallis2969d ago

"Much better than PSN for sure."

If you didnt have that avatar to one of my favorite Final Fantasy's I'd blast you for that comment. Consider yourself lucky this time ya!

OSU_Gamer2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

although i think that PSN and XBL are both very good is apples and oranges?

Do you even know what that means?

JOLLY12969d ago

Really all citrus fruits.

drewboy7042969d ago

I really don't think the writer had to bring Sony into this. Come on!!! can't we have an article solely about one console that isn't from Nintendo.

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feelintheflow2969d ago

is that you are paying for xbox live and you still can't get espn3 if your isp doesn't subscribe, which mine doesn't.. That is so gay. MSoft should have made it mandatory that if you have xbox live you get espn3.

OSU_Gamer2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )


I have Time Warner, and won't be able to use an application that I will be paying for.

I do blame that partly on ESPN though. I assumed Time Warner was one of the biggest cable companies and they can't even get ESPN3?

feelintheflow2969d ago

its that they don't want to pay for it. ESPN chargers the isp per subscriber to have it. I am with Cablevision, another huge company, and they don't offer it either. When I talked to customer service that is the answer I got. So I do blame ESPN/Disney along with MSoft on this one.

WildArmed2969d ago

I dont plan on using ESPN3 anyway, but that is quite stupid.
And I do blame both MS n ESPN equally.
Your ISP shoudln't really have to do w/ your Live connection.. (unless I'm missing something).

If you have internet access, you should be able to use it =/

gamingdroid2969d ago

I'm sure MS would want that. It wouldn't make sense otherwise.

Probably some licensing and legal issues involved. Perhaps you should take it up with ISP, why they aren't agreeing to the terms?

TheBrit2969d ago

how in the heck can Microsoft tell/force a cable provider to sign up for ESPN3 from Disney??!!!!!!

It's not their fault that it's not available.

That's no different from xbox 360's and ps3's not being available in certain countries.

Certain demo's are only available in certain countries - again not microsoft nor sony's fault - it is just the way laws work.

they cannot make it Mandatory that you get ESPN3 if you have xbox live.

kndy2969d ago

if this espn xbl thing takes off, we could definitely be seeing more isp's signing into this deal. heres to wishful thinking, i want my nba

MorganX2969d ago

I belive Time warner "has" signed an agreement with Disney and it's customers will get ESPN3 with at no charge. It was Disney dictating the charges.

LuvBurger2969d ago

Whoa, Hold on. You get ESPN3 with this on XBOX Live as well???

Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

I can now watch Juventus Every Sunday on my TV!!!!!!!!!

corneliuscrust2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Needs to check yourself. Because you're opening the floodgates to tiered internet services. ISP exclusivity for ANYTHING is absolutely insane. The worst part is that this seems like such a small issue now, but once the genie is out of the bottle, our internet will look a lot like our cable. A POS.

MorganX2969d ago


Doesn't really have anything to do with Xbox. This is already happening between the content provider and ISPs. If anything, MS adding it to Xbox put pressure on Disney to stop charging ISPs a premium regardless of whether or not their subscribers accessed it.

corneliuscrust2967d ago

Saying it's a HORRIBLE trend for the internet.

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siyrobbo2969d ago

still get the dash update for free

FACTUAL evidence2969d ago

It's like Sony doesn't want to beat the competition. All they really have to do is add:

Game ratings: Rate your disc, 1-5 stars.
Voice messaging: (c'mon should of been day 1)
ID change: Why can't we change the psn ID? sick of my name personally, plus alot of trophies.
Party system: can invite people to any game via a custom ps3 invitation system. PSHome has the features of xbox live put it on the XMB!!

Sony just do that and you won't have to worry about another firmware again.

number472969d ago

Which is why you guys are excited about doing things you do on a PC for an extra 60/mo.. instead of looking forward to a game -- on your game-- console..

MorganX2969d ago

There is no party chat on a PC. There is not party Netflix on a PC. There is no closed community with avoidance on a PC. There is no meaningful gaming community on a PC. And what about people who can't afford a PC, or don't want their kids on a PC?

Obviously, anyone paying for Live! can afford it, and like what they get. You can get a McDouble for $1, I prefer the $7 Angus burger at a nearby tavern. You have your cheap, or even free McDouble, been there done that. Just don't bitch to me about paying for my Burger, unless I'm asking to borrow money from you to pay for it.

Unicron2969d ago

No party chat on a PC?

You... you're joking right?

IaMs122969d ago

Nope apparently no party chat on PC at all
-Steam (yes Steam has a chat function i used it other day with 4 of us total)

yea nope none at all. No community either

PS3 is wayy better then a PC, because the PC is stealing ideas from it



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tinybigman2969d ago

personally im quite happy as a silver member.

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SuperStrokey11232969d ago

Is it an extra 3 cents a day better?


ranmafandude2969d ago

i'm just find with psn thanks.

tacosRcool2969d ago

PSN all they way!

Coming from a PC background WILL NEVER PAY for online service in order to play my games online when I already pay for internet.

8-bit2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

I refuse to pay too. Just wait and see if COD will start charging to play online, and 360 users will have to pay for an XBL sub on top of a COD sub to play their beloved FPS online.

@testerg35, I know it is a multiplat game that sells well on both consoles. PSN is free, my point is that you will have to pay two subscription fees to play online where as PSN would only have to pay for one. I don't intend on spending any money to play online ever so count me out on the whole thing.

testerg352969d ago

8-bit, MW2 isn't the highest selling FPS on the PS3? Wouldn't that be PS3s most beloved FPS too?

TheBrit2969d ago

You are wrong my friend.
You wont have to pay to play online. it will be just like EA's all access pass. you buy the game new and you play online, you buy it used and you have to pony up 10 bucks for the online access.

and even * if * they do make you pay to play online, you think the PS3 will be exempt from that??? All consoles that have the game will have to pay regardless and then people will stop buying their product and they will take away the fees.

tacosRcool2968d ago

8-Bit is the only one that makes any sense. Why would you want to pay more money, on top of the game, online service to play that game online, and you internet connection. Well I guess many people have either 1).Tons of money 2). Don't pay the bills 3).Don't care about money or 4).Don't know how to manage money and/or any other the other 3

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BigKev452969d ago

Your just fine with one bubble too.

aviator1892968d ago

this update is obviously for people with an xbox 360. of course you're going to prefer psn if you've got a ps3....probably because this software update is just for the 360.
and why do you compare the online services of the two consoles when this post is obviously about a fall software update for the 360??

MGRogue20172969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

... When will we be able to try out the preview update that we've signed up for?

Also, I signed up with my old Elite 120GB console & now I've got my new 250GB Halo Reach Limited Edition 360. :D

Hopefully, Microsoft sees that & doesn't send the preview dashboard to my old console :(

I've registered the new console to my gamertag now.. so it should be alright, I think.

HIGGINZOB2969d ago

You won't be able to go on xbox live until the update is released to everyone...thats a whole month of xbox live which you paid for. Oops.

TheBrit2969d ago

you just have some video disabled and party chats i believe. you can still talk to friends in game lobbies and during the game though.

kazman2969d ago

they will have live if they are in the preview!! if you get it unofficially then yeah they wont be able too log onto live. get your facts strait before you say something.

HIGGINZOB2969d ago

I think you misunderstood me. I meant that he won't be able to go on xbox live because the update can only be played online with the console you signed up with.

Lord Gunchrote2969d ago

You just said a whole lot of nothing.

gamingdroid2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

I think you are SOL, because I'm pretty sure MS were very specific about the dashboard should only be downloaded to the console you registered it on otherwise you won't be able to connect to Xbox Live afterwards.

I suggest you update your console information online if possible at the Microsoft Connect site or go back to using your old console for now.

Hopefully the dashboard will only be pushed out if your serial number matches.

TheBrit2969d ago

when you signed up they got your serial and console i.d - its all tied together.

they do that in case you have more than one xbox and decide to sign in on the 2nd one the day the update is due. it will only download to the one you registered.

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