3DS Price-point Isn't Too High Says Analyst

Ironstar: Nintendo revealed vital information about the Nintendo 3DS today, including price-point, a launch date, and supporting titles. Any gamer that isn't excited about Nintendo's publisher support for the 3DS platform hasn't had their morning coffee.

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NYC_Gamer2969d ago

but they all bitched about the launch price of the ps3

KratosGirI2969d ago

and not to mention that consoles aren't equally priced throughout the world until a few years later.

I still remember when the PS3 first launched over here for an estimate of $1500, but now it's you can get a 250GB Slim for an estimate of $385.

Retailers here like raping customers that want a new console -_-

TeenGoten2969d ago

Man honestly...that lineup of games justifies the price alone. Plus it has a ton of worthy features SIGN ME UP

Keith Olbermann2969d ago

I can see it now..
Kid: I want the new DS
Parent: Ive got $300 I can buy one for you and Billy
Kid: .....:(

sinclaircrown2969d ago

How does that play into things? anyone planning on buying any kind of game console obviously isn't feeling the effects of this "bad economy"

That term is used so often now, butmostly by people that it had no effect on.

My 401k took a hit. Maybe I'll notice it when I retire. For now, nothing has changed for me in day to day life. If yours has, maybe you have more to worry about than how to buy a nintendo.

Keith Olbermann2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago ) job is doing well and secure. Now..when your looking at unemployment in the U.S. Who does that effect?? Consumers maybe? Thats how it plays into things. If you dont think the economy plays a part in consumer purchasing then you my friend need to go back to school.
Also, when a system is cheap then those who are hit hard by the economy can afford to buy their kid a cheap system for their birthday. So you think 10% of the U.S. not buying a system isnt a big deal?

sinclaircrown2969d ago

The unemployment rate is high, yes. Are there jobs out there that anyone could get? yes.

why don't more unemployed people want these jobs that are out there? Because they think the jobs available are beneath them.

If you're too damn proud to work at 7eleven, or McDonalds, then don't be whining about how much a Nintendo handheld costs.

Keith Olbermann2969d ago

Okay...If you were laid off making 70k and go on may make enough from unemployment to continue to pay your mortgage. If you accept a job from 7eleven for 25K you would loose your house. Think of that.

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Misterhbk2969d ago

Kid walks into his local Gamestop with Parent willing to shell out $300.
Kid sees Nintendo 3DS $300
Kid sees Xbox 360s $200-$300
Kid sees PS3 Slim $300

I know when I was a kid I would NOT have chosen a Gameboy over a major console. No way in hell. Just down right stupidity. That price just isn't competitive. Hell it cost more than their own major console does. Unless Nintendo intends for this to be their main next gen machine, this doesn't make any sense.

sinclaircrown2969d ago

then it wasn't overpriced.

Eamon2969d ago

There's a difference between expensive and overpriced.

Like charging £5 for a coffee. Technically, it's not expensive, but it is way overpriced.

sinclaircrown2969d ago

from a different retailer.

And if you want a cheaper 3DS, well....

STK0262969d ago

The PS3's launch price was 600$ (in NA), the 3DS is supposed to be either 250$ or 300$ (again, in NA), the PSP came out with a 250$ price tag in the US (and a 299$ here in Canada), the PSPGo came out at 250$, an iPod touch is priced between 200 to 400$, so I don't really see a problem with the 3DS' projected price. If the game line-up is as good as what we've been told, it's quite worth it.

Also, it'll be fun to see the reaction of some people on this website when Sony announces the PSP2's price (hint, it's likely to be above the 3DS's)

eagle212969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

No trailer can show you how awesome the 3DS screens are. There are a few youtube videos that show it's depth pretty convincingly. Get it in your hands at a kiosk, then decide.

I'm buying this day 1, for anyone else there is always other DS's to fit your budget. Or PSP. Comparing consoles to handhelds is only relevant to price. But the HANDHELD market buyer isn't concerned with a home console when making a true handheld purchase. They don't want to sit at home in front of a expensive 3DTV. :)

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OneSneakyMofo2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

That's because analysts make $75,000 a year spouting bullcrap. $250 is too much for the working man or the kids' moms.

moparful992969d ago

Its not that "$250 is too much for the working man or the kid's moms" Its that for what you are getting $250 is freaking rediculous.. I'm sorry but once again nintendo is trying to cash in on a gimmick by appealing to everyone but gamers...

ozstar2969d ago

When does a gimmick become a feature moparful99?

When it uses disc media?
When all controllers vibrate?
When everyone uses motion control?
When the PS controller uses two analog sticks?

Just leave it alone, you look really ignorant when you use the word "gimmick" these days. Didn't the Move and Kinect teach you anything!

moparful992969d ago

No I'm talking about the stylus touch screen and 3d... Those are gimmicks seeing as they don't add to the gameplay.. I've played ds's in every shape and form and I've never enjoyed one because of the touch screen.. Thats why I don't play games on my iPhone I hate the touch screen controls... Whats ignorant is someone like you who gets offended because I think that nintendo's products are gimmicky..

nikrel2969d ago

299?! you can buy a PS3 for that price, are they insane?

What is the PSP2 going to cost? I love my PSP & right now I can't see a reason to upgrade...

Trroy2969d ago

Yeah... Nintendo gamers can afford it np. They are rich, right? And parents love spending big bucks on easy-to-break toys for their kids, too.


dkgshiz2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

No thanks. I can get a new PS3 slim at my local Sams Club for $289. I thought the PSP Go was expensive.

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