Quick Look: The New NXE

GiantBomb: "The New Xbox Experience, or NXE, overhauled the XBOX 360's dashboard, released on November 19th, 2008."

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TOO PAWNED2729d ago

i wish looked like this...i dislike 360 but this looks awesome.

LeonSKennedy4Life2729d ago

"i wish looked like this"


darthv722729d ago

I kind of liked the semi isometric appearance of the various screens. It gave the sense of depth where as this is more flat. I can assume it is that way for the ability to use hand motion to control the NXE.

-Alpha2729d ago

At first I liked it but then I remembered that with the 3-D view you could actually see more content on screen in a better way.|

I like the simplicity of the presentation though, it looks slick. Just wish it was still 3-Dish

mittwaffen2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

He might mean..

I wish PS3 looked like this; I dislike Xbox.
But this looks awesome.

gcolley2729d ago

i think he meant "i wish i looked like this"

Theoneneo812729d ago

any one else still didnt get there update?

2729d ago
jaytv-pyro2729d ago

Playstation Home Avatars Still Own NXE Avatars

KratosGirI2729d ago

He's butthurt over some virtual characters. That is sad.

-Alpha2729d ago

Too bad you can't use Home avatars as your own avatar, that would have been nice.

darthv722729d ago

there isnt much use of them outside of home. At least with the 360 ones they are being used in various games from retail to indie.

andron6662729d ago

Those blip sounds are awfully annoying. Can't understand why people don't turn them off...

Simco8762729d ago

The ESPN thing is cool, (IMO) thats about it

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The story is too old to be commented.