3DS Pricing: GameStooge Reacts to EEDAR

GameStooge reacts to EEDAR's insistence that the price won't turn off consumers.

Excerpt: "Pardon the skepticism, but that sounds exactly like the logic Sony employed when slapping a $500-$600 price point on the PlayStation 3, and we saw how that console fared against a console, the Wii, that was half its price. That strategy hasn’t helped the PlayStation Portable either; it does everything but sell units."

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Trroy2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Actually... the PS3 sold fine at $600, if you compare it to the 360's first year @ $500. They both sold about 5M in their first year.

JonahFalcon2996d ago

It did? That's why it's in third place, right?