Apache Overkill Shreds PSN, Screens Included (RunDLC)

Playerthree announced that its 2-D side scrolling shooter, Apache Overkill (clearly the best game title of the week) has landed on PlayStation Network in Europe and will arrive Stateside October 5th.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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TheDCD3000d ago

Nice. Can always use another good shooter.

kasasensei2999d ago

Yes. Like many others minis, it comes from free PC flash game or iphone port.
Which means : shitty games for 99%.

Pixelhugger2999d ago

Yes, the original is on Miniclip, but this version is a massive upgrade, rather than a straight port of a Flash game, so hopefully worth the money :)

The version on MiniClip is only desert, and a single level with no bosses.

2999d ago