Official Playstation Magazine UK Review Scores - Issue 50: FIFA 11, PES 11, Enslaved, + More

SystemLink: "As promised, here are the reviews scores that you can find in Issue 50 of the Official Playstation Magazine, out today. Handle with care."

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Cloudberry2970d ago

FIFA 11 got a perfect 10?

Lords Of Shadow got a great 9.

Quantum Theory's still a 3, lol.

harrisk9542969d ago

It is this year's Leisure Suit Larry!

Galvanise_2970d ago

OPM UK love FIFA too much. Their FirstPlay more or less always talks about FIFA and their podcasts always talk about FIFA. They need to get out more.

Shankle2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Who are you to talk? Get off this website and get a life you geek.

topdawg1222970d ago

Ha ha ha, true. FIFA does rule anyway

ad4mb2970d ago

And maybe fifa is a great game... or is it not allowed to be?

AKA2970d ago

PES is a much better Soccer sim and they give it a 8 but its clear that this Fifa fanboys will hate the best.
I have been in meta critics and ever mayor page have give Fifa 8s but those fanboy pages over 9s reading their review i can see that they aré fanboys and not even Pes11 deserve 9s it deserve 8.8max

Shankle2970d ago

FIFA Fanboys? I've always read this mag and OPS2, and pre-2008 they were all over Pro Evo. Seriously all over it.
It's only in this current gen that they've started enjoying FIFA more, and that's because it's much, much better than Pro Evo now. Almost everyone has switched to FIFA now.

FOXDIE2970d ago

Fifa this generation is shoulders and heads above PES!

Sneak-Out2970d ago

nice, looking forward for enslaved

Kakihara2970d ago

I really think Spiderman shattered dimensions is getting an unfair rap from many reviewers. Sure it's got no story and awful awful dialogue but it's a lot of fun to play, for one thing the web slinging is just about perfect. I'd give it about an 8.

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The story is too old to be commented.