Game Executives Say the Darndest Things: Top 10 Game Gaffes

Kombo: Game industry executives have a difficult job. They have to speak for their companies - to investors, to the press, and also directly to fans. As such, they are often quoted from interviews and speeches. Unusual or controversial quotes can be taken out of context - turning a minor off-the-cuff comment into a full-blown gaffe. Sometimes, though, it really does seem more like ignorance, apathy (to audience), or forced PR intervention is at fault for some of the more controversial comments coming from the figureheads of our industry.

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Jamie Foxx3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

or greenburg-HDMI is not needed, or belittling HOME then later launches a similar 'games room'

Nineball21123000d ago

Yeah, sometimes you gotta wonder if they realize what they're saying!

Hands Up For Games3000d ago

I dont know if you would call it a gaffe? But Steve Balmers "Developers. Developers. Developers." speech was legendary in my eyes :)