Eight things you must know about Skate

Skate is easily one of GamesRadar's favourite games of the year. It's solid, gorgeous, incredible fun to play, and now those brill chaps in charge of Xbox Live have uploaded a 30 minute demo of the Electronic Arts skateboarding sim. You really have to play this.

If you're already a fan, like GamesRadar, you've probably nailed through the demo's tutorials and challenges by now. But there's plenty more to discover. So here's eight things you must know, in order to squeeze maximum satisfaction out of this teasing taste of Skate's fantastic action.

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DG4136d ago

...that the camera is terrible if you played the demo.

jromao4136d ago

I played the demo today and it's true, camera is very bad, we can't change the view point, but all other stuff, gameplay and graphics are very very good.

DarkJedi4136d ago

I thought it was ok, it's meant to be like that, like you're being followed by someone with a camera for promotional shots etc.

Been one of two favourite demos in the last few months, bioshock being the other.

FormidableOne4136d ago

In my personal opinion, I thought this game was sub-par. I know it's not far to compare, but this game is NO Tony Hawk. I'm not talking about American Wasteland or anything like that, but the old school Tony Hawk games that actually peaked my interest.

With that said, I like the innovation behind performing tricks. It actually provides a bit of challenge as compared to other skate games. I had quite a hard time doing a simple kickflip, into a grab, into a grind.

That's just my opinion on it though