G4 Review: Ratatouille

The game follows the general plot of the movie. It's an endearing story of an American-sounding rat named Remy in the provincial French countryside who has dreams far above those of normal rats. Despite his family's disapproval, Remy wants nothing more than to become a great chef and show that food is more than just whatever garbage you find in the trash. Things go bad and he is separated from his clan, and finds himself in Paris and finally able to pursue his dreams. Of course, nothing is ever simple in life, and Remy soon finds himself in plenty of trouble. With his chef hero, Auguste Gusteau, as his mental guide, and Skinner, Gusteau's vile ex-partner, as the main villain, along with a bumbling human sidekick and a world that has no love for rodents; Remy has his hands full...

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