Report: HD, 3D Re-releases For Many PS2 Series Coming To PS3

Online reports suggest that Ubisoft and Warner Bros. Interactive are planning their own HD-enabled, PlayStation 3 compilation re-releases of PS2-era games, similar to those released and announced by Sony.

French site JeuxVideo cites unnamed sources [French language link] in suggesting that Ubisoft will release Prince of Persia Trilogy 3D, Splinter Cell Trilogy and Rayman Trilogy on November 4th, while Warner Bros. Interactive will release Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection HD on November 18th.

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richierich2973d ago

The only PS2 series I want to see re-released in HD is Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3

Cloudberry2973d ago

There are many games I want for the collection too.

Onimusha, Devil May Cry, Shadow Hearts trilogy, Xenosaga trilogy, Dark Cloud, Silent Hill, etc.

Heck, why not all of them, lol.

falloutx2973d ago

Finally someone here agrees with me about a Shadow Hearts collection.
Shadow Hearts series is a highly underrated game in my opinion.

Cloudberry2973d ago

I have both the first & third Shadow Hearts.

The only Shadow Hearts game I don't have is "Shadow Hearts: Covenant".

My game wont be complete until I have that one... >___>

Old PS2 games are almost extinct / very rare in the place where I lived, so getting that supposedly "the best" Shadow Hearts game is a luck effort.

falloutx2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

You're missing out on the best game of the Shadow Hearts series. I like Shadow Hearts 1 dark tone better though, also Shadow Hearts 2 was a little to easy in my opinion it needs a higher difficulty setting but Shadow Hearts 2 story and gamplay is awesome is still my favorite PS2 rpg game.
BTW: I own all 3 Shadow Hearts I hear they're rare to find in stores.

acky12972d ago

I absolutely loved Onimusha! What a game.

RageAgainstTheMShine2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Can this strings of 3-in-1 Classic HD Collections be done on DVD9?
And who said only first party PS2 games will get HD Collection treatment?

PS3 is the perfect gaming haven for retro gamers.

I remember the PS One doing this feature with Final Fantasy I-VI & Chrono Trigger Collections.

This is a very good feature for us gamers who missed these games when they came out. And it is also good for developers to show their stuff to the new generation of gamers.

Will this PlayStation tradition ensure the PS3's long term success?

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QSPR2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

SOCOM 1 and 2, no interest for 3 or CA. and what about FF 7 to 10 in glorios HD?? GTA 3,San Andres and Vice City or Zone of the Enders 1 and 2! just driming......

StanLee2972d ago

How about we just get backwards compatability back? I don't care about HD or 3D or trophies or paying $40 for games I already own. I still own my PS2 and many of those games, I just don't have room in my entertainment centre anymore for my PS2. Just give me backwards compatability.

Ju2972d ago

If you still have your PS2, why not simply play it there ?

I like the "remastered" idea. BTW, it's not $40 a game, it is $40 bucks for a collection (2 or 3 games, usually).

I am not sure if I want those games "just" in PS2 mode anyway. First, BD disks are way more scratch resistant (all my PS2 disks basically are unplayable after about a year or so), and the added value in HD + 3D is absolutely worth it, IMO.

Don't mind if those guys makes some money - again. At least it's a win-win for all of us. Hope they reinvest it in even better games.

Imperator2972d ago


He's just trying to bash the PS3. I'd much rather have these HD collections. I have BC on my PS3 and I never use it but these collections give new life to older games.

Genesis52972d ago

Fatal Frame collection and a Soul Reaver collection would be nice.

vhero2972d ago

So it seems its basically upto the original game devs to re-release the PS2 classics for PS3 in HD graphics as it looks like we are not gonna get an alternative at least until PSP2 is released.

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Narutone662973d ago

progression for the PS branded console. Since the PS2 compatibility of the PS3 was removed, it's only natural to re-release the better PS2 games as HD. Those who haven't played those games can get to play them.

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JustSomeLogic2973d ago

There's no progression, this is the whole reason they removed BC, to cash in of previous generation games.
Are you people trully happy with old games made shinier? Remakes are great when they are from 2 generations ago but remaking a 2004 game is just cash grabbing.

danmachine2973d ago

and the fans got what they wanted, whats the problem?

did you even play a ps2 game on ps3 on the older models? have you even ever owned a ps3?

even an idiot knows that a SD ps2 game on a HD 40" looks like shit.

JustSomeLogic2973d ago

Oh...i did not know.
Don't be an imbecile. This is nothing but easy money grabbing. Zero work necessary. Why would people demand to play PS2 with shiny graphics?

milohighclub2973d ago

dude if they dont want to play them, they dont have to buy them. simple as!!

Cloudberry2973d ago

Because they don't have the desire to buy a PS2 to play it?

Nobody's forcing anybody to buy it in the first place anyway.

blumatt2973d ago

Dude, I'd rather play a GTA HD Collection with GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas any day over the newest GTA (GTA 4), which was complete shit. They went backwards from San Andreas. San Andreas has more things to do including working out which actually affected your running stamina, which was cool as hell.

wenaldy2973d ago

Agreed... PS2 games even on my 22' LCD looked like shiat... :/

Ravage272972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Stop being anal and use your brain for a moment.

I roll my eyes every single time i hear people complaining about the 'removal of BC'. There were 2 BC-enabled SKUs (60gb and 80gb) available for years before the Slim was introduced and if you imbeciles chose to ignore them...well...too fucking bad. You got more than what you paid for with the Slim anyway. Don't pretend as if there was never an option in the first place.

And fyi, most sequels like the yearly CODs are just reskinned games with 'shinier graphics' but that sure didn't stop people from wanting them. In fact the HD conversion and framerate upgrades of these collections are more significant than most sequels/remakes out in the market.

Secondly, what makes you think that every single ex-PS2 owner has played those games? For the 140+ million PS2 gamers who missed out on ICO and SoTC, who in the right mind would buy the barely 20fps PS2 version over the 60fps HD 2-in-1 collection?

moparful992972d ago

Lol you call dan an embicile? You know exactly what he was refering to. He was referencing the fact that the fans wanted the hd god of war collection not the removal of BC.. I love this idea of taking classic ps2 franchises, upgrading the visuals and framerate, adding trophies, putting them on one disc, and pricing them around 30-40 bucks.. You see a quick cash in but I see a win-win. Sony gets a quick profit and the fans get access to their most beloved ps2 games in hd.. If you cant get behind this then blame that on your cynical view of the world...

Ju2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

^^ lol how people can have the same thought... :)

Anyhow, I think - unintentionally - removing BC made this solution feasible for everybody.

Would they just kept it, nobody would have cared making a HD collection in the first place - and the PS3 would have never come down in price.

I was hoping to get some PS2 games in HD. Obviously the emulation would never have done that. Now they at least have a way to make the money back by supporting those HD collections and we OTOH get great games (again).

I have never played ICO or Shadow of the Colossus. You are still paying full price for those. For the PS2 version. I would rather like to get them for $40 with an HD upgrade, TBH.

JBaby3432972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I don't understand why anyone would complain. No one is forcing the whiner above or others to buy the re-released games and the upgrades are more significant than the COD and Madden upgrades each year. My BC PS3 got the YLOD so I can't play PS2 games anymore so I can't wait for releases like this. When I did play PS2 games on my PS3 it was just such a downgrade from the PS3 games running in native HD. As others have said SD games on a big HD TV just don't look good.

I never got to play Ico or SotC so I'm really looking forward to those and the first 3 Splinter Cell games were excellent then the franchise went south fast so getting those in HD on a single disc would be ideal especially with added trophy support. This seems like a win-win for everyone.

Imperator2972d ago

People whined about the price so Sony took out BC to lower price. Now people whine about the loss of BC. You can't have it both ways so take what you get. I bought the PS3 when it launched and I've got no regrets.

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Nineball21122973d ago

I understand your point, but it's a free-market system. If enough ppl are interested in them, they'll get them and the publishers will continue to re-make more older games.

If ppl don't like them, they won't be purchased and there won't be others made.

The thing is... it's an option and speaking personally, there are plenty of older games I haven't played and I would love to be able to play them with improved graphics.

AssassinHD2973d ago

I am just going to go on record as saying that yes, I am truly happy with old games made shinier.

CobraKai2973d ago

I thought they released BC cuz people were bitching about how damned expensive the PS3 was. They removed it, lowered the price, and people are bitching about how there is no BC.

This HD collection is a great way to replay old games without it looking like ass on an HDTV and yes I would love old games with shinier graphics, smoother gameplay, and digital sound (something that was only relegated to select cutscenes on the PS2)

saimcheeda2972d ago

How is it cash grabbing? They are telling it very straightly that these are the same games only with better graphics, if a person wants it they can but it and if not then they wont. No ones being forced here and I would buy re-mastered version of DMC 3, MGS3 or POP 2 or POP3!

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maniac762973d ago

thats good news,more gaming for ur buck or pound lol.

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