Skate Demo Video Playthrough

The Skate demo dropped yesterday on Xbox Live and put on a fresh pair of e-kicks and took the demo for a spin. Check out this video, which opens with some new trailer footage and then jumps into gameplay.

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InMyOpinion4130d ago

He was pretty tight! I love this game. It's everything that I hoped it would be. Give the controls 5-10 mins and you'll probably love it as well. If you have ever set your foot on a skateboard you should give the demo a look. It's good to see that EA still has some good, creative studios left.

TheCapto4130d ago

This game looks really, really good. The animations look smooth and the skating looks fun. I'm downloading the demo tonight.

Marceles4130d ago

The commentator of the tournament toward the end of the demo is pretty funny. One minute he would be focused on the tournament, the next he'd shout random stuff like 'hey! you! yeah you! get away from my car!'

jay34130d ago

I love the demo.

Its a lot more addictive than the Tony Hawks games, it must be something to do with having real control, and not just smashing your face on the pad and watching what trick it makes you do. I'll be picking this one up.

daveman34130d ago

it'll be a tough pick between skate and tony hawk if i do get a skateboarding game

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