Gearbox Software Takes A Stab At EA - Mocks Project Ten Dollar stumbled onto something rather funny today.

If you didn’t already know, Project Ten Dollar is EA’s idea to only make the first purchaser of a game get access to its online multiplayer modes. If the game is bought second hand, the gamer has to pay 10 dollars to receive an access code that unlocks all of the modes.

It seems that Gearbox Software, the guys behind Borderlands, seem to think that it’s worthy of some ridicule. Here’s how they did it.

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GavinMannion2998d ago

Gearbox have definitely arrived on the gaming scene in style and I absolutely love their humour...

This is an awesome good natured pot shot at EA

antz11042998d ago

Great on Gearbox, I love this company!! This is BS by EA and I'm glad someone called them on it.

FYI the new claptrap revolution DLC for Borderlands is bottled awesome if anyone's on the fence about getting it. I got to beat a claptrap to death this morning, doesn't get any better.

ArchangelMike2998d ago

Publishers should instead lobby to get a cut from every second hand game sold through retail, instead of 10 dollar fees to unlock multiplayer - or whatever EA and probably Activision come up with next!

maawdawg2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

they just can't legally due to the supreme court ruling of First Sale Doctrine. Once you sell the initial copyrighted material you have no rights to seek further shares of second hand sales at all. It applies to all products.

The $10 fee for multiplayer is already a workaround of the system that is in place to protect customers and retailers.

Ognipode2998d ago

Totally agree, thats exactly what I reckon. Why not start an organization of publishers that retailers need to pay membership to in order to sell their products second hand, or something like that

r0gueZA2998d ago

How did I miss this gem,
LOL, nice one Gearbox

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