200° offers Bayonetta for Vanquish Pre-Orders

Gamerzines writes: "UK online retailer is offering copies of Bayonetta to those who pre-order Platinum Game's Vanquish."

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Rainstorm812974d ago

Damn thats a hell of a deal.....if your fan of bayonetta or not

HeroXIV2974d ago

How is it a good deal if you don't like Bayonetta? I'd rather have a free punch in the face.

Redempteur2974d ago

if you dislike bayonnetta , the n you don't like action games ..

TimeSkipLuffy2974d ago

I like action games and I love Bayonetta. Hot chick XDDD
But I don't think that Bayonetta is mandatory for someone who likes action games. Everyone has a different taste ;)

Baka-akaB2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

indeed its not mandatory .

However even if vanquish is a quite different game , i find it surprising that that one would dislike bayo and be interested with vanquish sharing the same philosophy of stylish gameplay over anything else , overall ...

But i guess tastes are truly that diverse and varied .

Sarevok2974d ago


I hate the MC
gameplay is awesome...but I HATE Bayonetta.



In that case, we may have a good deal for you!

Yi-Long2974d ago

I totally agree about the main character. I think she's horrible, and that character-design is the main reason I never picked this up...

bakasora2974d ago

I been playing action games for 10 over years, I think bayonetta is the next gen action game. At least it made me feel so.

fossilfern2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

What is with all the Bayonetta hate ? it was an amazing action game and one of the best iv played in a long time

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TimeSkipLuffy2974d ago

a week or two ago you could get Vanqusih at zavvi or thehut for 28 (pre-order) and Bayonetta for 10.

MGRogue20172974d ago

That's a pretty sweet deal, Pre-ordered. Thanks :)

Azurite2974d ago

That's nice, I think I'll actually preorder then, was going to wait for a price reduction.
Bayonetta for PS3 is supposed to be subpar, but when you get it for "free" I can't complain.

CrIpPeN2974d ago

thanks for the patch Bayonetta have not so long loading times.

sometimes screen tearing shows up, but not much at least for me.

It's nothing you going to complain about.

Baka-akaB2974d ago

yup nothing wrong , it's just better on 360 ... wich doesnt matter much for a ps3 only owner

VileAndVicious2974d ago

Bayonetta isnt nearly as bad on the ps3 as some people claim, especially after the patch that lets you install it to the HD.

Redempteur2974d ago

i played it recently and there is nothing wrong with the PS3 version now

CrIpPeN2974d ago

OMG and I just got Bayonetta, like two weeks ago. I want more pre-order ideas like this in the future of course on other sites.

I don't buy games on

Lucreto2974d ago

I never played Bayonetta and I never planned on getting it. As for Vanquish I was on the fence about it. With this offer it is a definite buy.

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