Tales of the Abyss Set for 3DS

Andriasang: Namco Bandai is readying a 3DS entry in the Tales series. But not an original one. The publisher announced today that it is working on a 3DS port of PlayStation 2's Tales of the Abyss for release some time in 2011.

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Cloudberry2914d ago

Wonder it would also have an English release...

Sarick2914d ago

Even more along the lines of will it be full voice over. The PS2 Japanese version had full voice overs but the PS2 version lacked the mini-skit voice overs. I don't know the limit of the carts but hopefully they'll have enough data to store all the voice overs including the skits.

LOVED this game it was the best in the series IMHO.

pedrami912914d ago

Instead of ports & remakes, are there any original games for the 3DS ? just wondering.

EYEamNUMBER12914d ago

kid icarus
Resident Evil
Dead or Alive
professor layton
paper mario
kingdom hearts
crystal chronicles
saints row
assassins creed

i don't know the whole list of games but off the top of my head these are some of the original games that are not ports or remakes

kratos1232914d ago

I think he means new ips. I think be now if it comes to new ips nintendo doesn't deliver anymore there always relaying on old ips but the fans keep buying them so there is no problem 4 both sides

jaytv-pyro2914d ago

the kingdom heart you guys saw is a cell phone port from 2008.

dead or alive is a remake.

paper mario is a remake.

assassins greed portfrom the psp or remake of the cell phone version.

SpoonyRedMage2914d ago

@Kratos: Steel Diver and Target Shooting are both new Nintendo IPs for 3DS, Flingsmash for the Wii as well.

@Jaytvpyro: You're wrong, Re: Coded for the DS is the Cellphone port. Kingdom Hearts 3D is a brand new title and is the latest in the timeline.

Dead of Alive: Dimensions is a reboot with all the content of the DOA games. I guess you could say that's rehashing.

Paper Mario 3DS is a brand new entry in the franchise as we've seen new companions already.

You might be right about Assassin's Creed though, don't expect much from Ubisoft.

KratosGirI2914d ago

Megaman Legends 3 alone demolishes your question.

Redempteur2914d ago

NOt sure if i want .. dont get me wrong it's a fun game but i finished it 3 times already ( twice with everything ) and i've seen the anime ...i pretty much know everything about this game ..

so they better give me something "unique" to make me play this a 4th time

kesvalk2914d ago

if it comes to the US... which i think it will not...

Redempteur2914d ago

Doesn't matter i conpleted it the japanese PS2 version once

And then twice with the US version ..

That remind me that i dunno if the 3Ds has region coding for games ...

KiasuKiasiMan2914d ago

3DS is slowly buying me over with their line-up of games, but given its price Sony may have the chance to cut Nintendo at the price like how they took down the Sega Saturn with a lower price with the PlayStation.

panasonic232914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Nintendo can sell for it $400 and it will still sell like crack.

Neckbear2914d ago

That's what Sony thought with their own products.

Look at how it ended.

Natsu X FairyTail2914d ago

Man. I'm bout to locked up soon cause there's too many great 3DS games coming imma have to rob some mofos soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.