OXCGN’s Red Dead Redemption: Liars and Cheats DLC Review

OXCGN writes:

"We live in a day and age where DLC is quite a hot topic.

"Developers lock content onto game files and expect us to pay for it, we are expected to pay outrageous amounts for old content, and many things of that nature (previously discussed in the Lack of Focus article).

"Rockstar is one of the few companies out there that actually understands what the term Downloadable Content means. Grand Theft Auto IV set the bar for what DLC should be, and Rockstar has succeeded yet again with the second add-on to Red Dead Redemption, Liars and Cheats."

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XboxOZ3603000d ago

Love this game, and the way Rockstar follow up their titles. I'm less of a multiplayer though, but it is interesting as you can do some hunting and such.

Belgavion3000d ago

Sounds worth it for the multiplayer poker alone!

cornfedgamer2999d ago

Sounds like some nice MP additions. I can't wait for a new episode, though. Like The Lost and Damned.

gaminoz2999d ago

This game looks to be getting some good after release support now