GC: Heavenly Sword Gameplay

This brand new video from French gaming website Gamersyde showcases extended gameplay footage that picks up from where the demo ends.

"If you still were wondering what happens after the end of the demo of Heavenly Sword then the long wait is finally over thanks to the great Snoopers who filmed these few minutes of eyecandy."

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thereapersson3954d ago

The framerate appears to be better, and the texture work looks a bit cleaned up. Very good to see.

The video is disjointed to give viewers a good idea of what multiple sections are like without having to sit through the whole thing.

popup3954d ago

First thing I noticed too. Much improved over the demo and makes the fights look more entertaining (read as smoother, more flowing, easier to follow) becuase of it.

Babylonian3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

Another great title for the PS3. Keep them coming.

Bioshock bombed? Really? I thought it was a big blockbuster for the Xbox 360. Anyway, about the rumors of it coming to the PS3, I really hope it does. It looks like a REALLY interesting game.

larry0073954d ago

genuine x360 killer.

anyway that low powered and defective console is already dead in JAPAN and EU

i feel bad for 2k games whose BIOSHOCK has now bombed hard

thereapersson3954d ago

People were truly shortsighted and ignorant to think that the framerate would be choppy at this stage of the game.

techie3954d ago

Cannot watch - I watched the first bit and saw how sh1te the guy was...couldn't suffer him/her anymore. Nariko is too good for them!

thereapersson3954d ago

But the game still looks impressive. This title is a must buy for me, even if it gets bad reviews (which I highly doubt will happen)

ALIEN3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

This game looks really amainz, im really excited about it. I'll give it 10 out ot 10. Can't wait another minute.

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The story is too old to be commented.