As new motion controls arrive, will the Wii become obsolete?

For the past four years, Nintendo has the market to itself when it comes to motion control gaming. That’s finally coming to an end – and it has some people wondering about how the company will fare moving forward.

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Raikiri2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

For me The move made it Obsolete but kinect?
Nah kinect is different

Unless Nintendo desides to put Mario, Pokemon and Metroid on 360 and PS3 it won't become obsolete for other people

sjeen662971d ago

new controller i don't think that will help at all.

Xander-RKoS2971d ago

For the casual gamer, or the family that wants to get a console, HD probably won't matter to them.

second of all, if they don't own any console and want motion control gaming for like bowling and such, the Wii is $200 and it comes with wii remote, wii motion plus, wii sports resort, and wii sports. Everything really to get started and you just have to buy a few more things to really get set.

The move requires the $300 PS3 plus $100 more for the move starter kit. Kinect will roughly be the same although I forget its prices, but I know it will be more than the Wii when all is said and done.

I don't see much difference between the wii motion plus and the move. So as long as the Wii remains more affordable, and the industry continues to pour awesome exclusives like Epic Mickey and Goldeneye, then the Wii will only become obsolete when Nintendo says it will.

Venox20082971d ago

move for me is too like Motion plus on wii and don't care about those ml seconds of accuracy, if devs are making good, they can achieve good results with control... as for the wii, I did buy wii not only for the controller, I buyed, becouse I liked gamecube and there were games that appealed to me.. I won't regret ever that I buyed wii and I won't sell it if Wii2 won't have backwards compatibility, becouse it has a lot of good games and more are coming... and I hope that it will be like this in the future..move and kinect don't bother me..maybe will in the future, but wii still is my fav console at the moment..

Invader_Quirk2970d ago

No system Nintendo's come out with will ever be obsolete, in my opinion. The reason is that even if another company copies the innovative aspect of the system and even does it better, Nintendo's systems have Nintendo's games. Nintendo always puts out top-notch software that you'll need a Nintendo system to play.

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