Will the X360 price cut have any impact on PS3? - Debate of the Week

This Friday will see the X360 get a UK price drop, bringing it down to an impressive £249.99 for a Premium model, while the Core drops to a very reasonable £179.99.

Sure, its been around for a couple of years now, (doesn't time fly?) but this now makes the difference between a Premium X360 and a brand spanking new PS3 almost £200, which is a lot of moolah.

With this in mind, the price drop has got to affect the PlayStation 3 in some way or other, but how hard are the blows likely to be and how will Sony react?

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ALIEN4130d ago

I think it will, because of HALO3. A price cut + HALO3= it's a good deal. Even though the price cut is not that much, you can take those $50 dollers and go get your copy of HALO3.

nasim4130d ago

so HALO 3 wont have any effect

those who want that cartoon game already have x360s

Ofcourse i would never pay for such a CARTOON GAME on a low powered console

Bioshock is a SEMI FLOP now


Rooftrellen4130d ago

I remember seeing that according to one group, the demand for the PS3 in America after their price cut not only passed the Wii and 360 for a week, but it did so by meeting them halfway, lowering the demand of the Wii and 360 as much as the demand went up for the PS3.

As I recall, the methods were hardly meant to be more than a general look, but the break of the previous trend was very obvious.

The difference there was a major drop in a more expensive console, but this is a price drop in the less expensive, which may hurt the more expensive PS3 for much longer than a week, and quite possibly until a counter in the form of a price drop.

We'll have to see. This is the fun time of the year, right now, as companies get ready for Christmas.

jay34130d ago

I know which one!!

But how do you know?

Because! I post on forums!

Oh, i see!!! You can practicaly see the future!?

Of course I can!

Yeah. No one knows.

power of Green 4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

It will have an impact thats the way the ball bounces.

How much IMPACT who knows with such huge games coming out and the clearance ending.

The Multi platfom issue has finally been excepted to be more than some angry 360 fanboys talking sh*t this may effect the market aswell as the RROD issue dieing off and sales pick back up.

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