Source: BioShock coming to PS3

When asked if BioShock would be coming to PS3, GamePro's contact informed them that it'd be wrong to think the game wouldn't be released on Sony's console at a later date.

The statement validates news from Tuesday, where eagle-eyed BioShock demo owners discovered a snippet of code listing both Xbox 360 and PS3 as consoles under a file setting.

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SmokeyMcBear4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )


flamers unite

larry0074129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

especially when BIOSHOCK has flopped on both PC and x360 within 2 days of its release(very dismal sales ).

I believe the ps3 version would have ONLINE which would attract the customers.

HAD BIOSHOCK been a superhit on PC/x360 then 2k games would have kept it x360 exclusive. Now since it has flopped they would have to bring it to the ps3 with 6 million installed base (vs 10.4 million for x360) to make up for the losses

***************************** **********************


BIOSHOCK x360 ha sold only 48 k till today . SO it would end up selling <300k in its lifetime on x360.

The PC sales are a disaster too


The sales figures of Bioshock are a total disaster --juts 48 k copies in 2 days of its launch . It is a great game but FEW PEOPLE LIKES IT

@LUCID here are the store/web stats.
BIOSHOCK is available all over. It is selling only at AMAZON

thereapersson4129d ago

LOL, you are really delusional. Stop giving PS3 owners a bad name.

Almost as bad as TheMart or POG

junk564129d ago


ok seriously dude, you're an idiot. the reason why games port to ps3 is either they flop bad or they are crazy successful. bioshock is one of those crazy successful games and it'll prob have bonus features and stuff when its released on bluray a few months later.

but by then everybody will be playing something awesome, ps3 and 360 fanboys alike. I mean i grew up with MGS4 and GT5 and i'd rather play those than bioshock, just me and many others.

Lucidmantra4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Larry that is the dumbest thing I have read on this site in quite some time... All places i went to yesterday to find a copy reported VERY GOOD sales of Bioshock... alot of then from walkins who had not even preordered. Meaning I went to about 3 Gamestops before i got a copy.

You don't have to hate it if you can't play it on your console stop being a child and grow up.

They have stated that Bioshock is a single-player game time and time again through the development cycle. Why would they reinvest development time to come up with multiplayer structure, coding, maps..etc. etc. for the PS3 only.

Your whole post it teh fails... and before you cry fanboy... I own all 3 consoles plus a PC so I have choices...

I hope PS3 does get the game someday because actually BioSHock is an outstanding game... just read the revies and not the whiners crying about "it isn't widescreen" and blah blah...

Wolfmoonstrike4129d ago

What the hell is your problem man? every time I go to read bioshock news you say how much it sucks and how poor it's doing, well i got an idea how bout you quit hating a game because you cant play it and go find a game you can! And if you can't do that then dont call your self a gamer because us real gamers got better things to do than tell off your sorry @ss!

Nightrider1284129d ago

Dude you are as bad as THE MART, and your just mad that it is looking for bigger and better things.

PS-Wii-604129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Bioshock is all I've been playing for the last 2 days (didn't get any sleep last night 'cause of it) and when I'm playing lots of words come to mind to describe this masterpiece in action, "flopped" has NEVER been one of them.

After reading your rant, also in several other (unrelated) threads, I can say I truly hope it does come to PS3, 'cause it's obvious you want it bad =P

For all those also enjoying Bioshock at this time I have just one question: Harvest or Rescue?

Daishi4129d ago

Rescue, and I think that gets you a better ending as well. I beat it Yesterday in like 13/15 hours didn't keep up (yes I did go outside that day as well... To pick up my copy that is:) It was the most touching ending I have ever seen in a game to date and I'm glad it's going to PS3 just so I'll have more people to talk to about it. It's about the games and not the controller in your hand...

TJ Crucial4129d ago

HARVEST! All the way! I felt a little bad the first time, but you think those little b*tches would think twice about milking your ADAM?

marionz4129d ago

look at larrys other posts, hes freakin dumb
add him to the long list of idiot sony fanboys, nasim comes to mind

Mikey_Gee4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Hey buddy, not sure where you get your weed, but hook me up dude. It is sending you on some CRAZY TRIPS from what I can see after reading your comment.

WOW ........ talk about your very own planet.

PS -- I'm with TJ on this one !!
Rescued ONE ... and never again ... them little red eyed sh1ts are getting harvested like no other from here on in. Only issue is, everytime I kill the Big Daddy, they little sh!t has taken off into her whole in the wall. Any way around that ???

ujsplace4128d ago

Where do you get your sales figures from? None of the stores have it in stock. I am being told that I have to wait. The game came out on 8/21, so what do you mean had it been a hit on the pc/360? Today is 8/23...



If you don't want this game, so you sir are an idiot. Don't matter the platform, this game is just too good.

The only intelligent think that you made it to say was about some online mode, even if I don't think it's really necessary.


This is Take-Two guys... This is just like EA, Activision or Ubisoft, their business is all about multplatform games, so we must assume every game from 2K would become multplatform (if it don't already come to the light like this) and if made it to be exclusive, so it's an exception (but, yes, you know, this "exceptions" happens)... So, said that, I would make my point saying, yes it really can happen, but no, this is not happening now (as far as we know), since the guys still saying it's exclusive.

But, if this can happen, why don't make a PS3 version to launch simultaneously? I really don't know, but would try saying a MS deal, PS3 version could need more time and then they could miss the holiday, the Unreal Engine isn't as good as it can be on the PS3 right now... I'm just guessing, I really don't know.

THX71684127d ago

"especially when BIOSHOCK has flopped on both PC and x360 within 2 days of its release(very dismal sales )."

I would love to see BioShock for the PS3 but that is just one of the most retarded comments I have ever read.

I bought BioShock on day one and it is one of the most incredible games I've ever played in my life.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4129d ago

But they don't care, they get the game first.

ArduousAndy4129d ago

the code could be old code that was never removed for whatever reason.
Gamepro has been wrong before many times.
The game clearly says Xbox360 and windows only on all packaging.

With that said.

Just beat the game and it is AWESOME. I hope that the PS3 community does whatever it does to get this game. It is simply a must have game.

So to that I say good luck the PS3 community on getting this game.

Blackmoses4129d ago

hate to be the one to bust your perfect little bubble that you live in but....
that only for XBOx360 stamp means absolutely nothing. Explain Enchanted Arms, it's also on the PS3 and it has that stamp on the cover....

And by the way...the BIOSHOCK game box doesn't have that stamp everyone believes it does. So it's fair game....

InMyOpinion4129d ago

I don't care, I'm too busy playing it =) I hope PS3 owners get to experience it as well.

HeartlesskizZ4129d ago

I would love to have this on ps3 but already preoder it for 360

AngryHippo4129d ago

great comment, exactly what i'm sure alot of xbox owners believe. Bubble for you, for making a good comment and not being a retarded fanboy

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thereapersson4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

In fact, I want it to come to the PS3 so that more people can play it. But as with the MGS 4 to 360 rumors, we should treat this Bioshock topic with equal rumor control.

Nothing has been said YET by the developers, so we don't know for a fact if it is coming or not. It's possible, though, just for now it's unconfirmed.

Crazy Larry4129d ago

You can't use common sense on this site...too many fanboys. However, you're right.

jay34129d ago

What Crazy Larry said.

Fanboys will think what they want. Just leave them be, and point and laugh.

ShiftyLookingCow4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

there were insider people claiming the same kind of BS about MGS4, heck even some Konami executive hinted at multiplatform. There are more strong hints that this game is going to get a sequel, PS fans should demand a simultaneous release for it(since the good devs at former Irrational listen to polls). Think about it, money on porting or on a separate team working on PS3 version of the next installment. By the time the sequel comes, most of you guys will have a good enough PC to play the first game if you are still interested in it.

tplarkin74129d ago

"Obviously we need to give as many people as possible access to our game. However, this is an Xbox 360 exclusive and it's coming out on PC. That's the way it is on Bioshock" senior designer Joe McDonagh told CVG. (June 23, 2007)

Other links:

Somebody please show a real quote from 2K Boston or Microsoft or Sony that says that Bioshock is coming to PS3. The only word we have explicitly states that Bioshock is 360/PC only.

PS-Wii-604129d ago

I'm sorry I don't have a quote stating Bioshock is coming to PS3 (and don't really care)
But, I do have a quote from Jack Tretton at E3 2007:
"Unreal Tournament will be EXCLUSIVE to PS3"
here's another
"Haze will be EXCLUSIVE to PS3"

Now I can imagine alot of people reading this right now saying "BS! They're both coming to 360, they're just timed exclusives!"

My response: EXACTLY!

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Xbox 360 Will4129d ago

Played this at my friends house. It'll be a great addition to the PS3 library while removing an exclusive bullet point from the 360.

Odion4129d ago

Just like destructiode has a source that says MGS4 is coming to the 360!

(I am not kidding)

ngg123454129d ago

Similar to joystiq, and kotaku. They don't have any reputable sources, and usually aren't invited to press conferences. Gamepro is one of the biggest videogame sites, and the magazine is the 3rd biggest video game magazine in america (behind egm, and gameinformer). This is major news, because they aren't stating this as a rumour, but more or less confirming that it is coming to ps3. This could hurt their reputation if it is inaccurate.

Snake_Doctor4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

I think bloggers do get to talk with credible sources, but if I remember right that discussion that the blogger had occured prior to E3 and whatever exclusivity deal Sony worked out for MGS4.

MarioFromTexas4129d ago

MGS4 has always said it was PS3 exclusive, Bioshock has never been advertised as 360 exclusive. 2k is an independent 3rd party developer and has no exclusive agreement with M$. Why you xbots blow smoke off your azzz. Just like obilivion and look what happen it came to the PS3 and with added features. There is a big difference between exclusive and a game coming out sooner because of lead platform. I don't care if it comes to PS3, if I wanted it I could get for my 360. The point is that 2k games is briging bioshock to PS3, whether you like it or not